Sensitive or sensitized skin, what's the difference?

Do you suffer from dry, irritated, and itchy skin? This could be because you either have sensitive skin or sensitized skin. We know what you’re thinking: “umm, there’s a difference?”

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Our favorite cleansing oils, and why we love them.

Does using an oil to remove excess oil and debris from your face sound strange? That’s understandable. Far from a traditional foamy face wash, which use harsh detergents to cleanse the skin, cleansing facial oils are formulated with nourishing oils to melt away makeup, debris, excess sebum, and pollution left behind from the day. Don’t get us wrong—there’s nothing like a deep, sudsy cleanse every now and then. That being said, using a cleanser that strips too much sebum day after day will throw off your skin’s hydration—and interestly, can even lead to overproduction of oil. 

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