Why Pureology is our absolute fave for maintaining color treated hair.

Whether you're into fashion colors like hot pink or neon green, or you simply want to maintain your hair color, Pureology is your go-to. Every product that Pureology creates extends the life of hair color. Read on for inspo on how to best take care of your color treated hair with the best hair color line out there.

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Why Pulp Riot is our new obsession.

Pulp Riot's main goal is to maintain, nourish and strengthen color-treated hair. The brand is young, but already has an almost cult-like following. To say Pulp Riot is exclusive is an understatement. Created with stylists in mind, many of their products are only available for purchase for licensed stylists. The good news - select styling products are available to the public. Here are our top favorite products and why we love them.

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Pro Tips: Fuller Hair In Four Steps

Thinning hair is more common than you'd think (and not just for the guys). The silver lining - it takes time to lose your hair. So while the clock is ticking, take a minute to find your favorite thickening products and obtain thicker, full locks sooner rather than later. Our favorite? Bumble's Thickening Line.

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