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Got Dark Circles and Bags Under Your Eyes? Try These Tricks.

With Daylight Savings around the corner, it's time to address the worst part of a change in your sleep schedule: dark under-eye circles.

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Why Facial Toner is Actually Good For Your Skin

If you've rounded the thirty year mark, you might remember the toner craze of the 1990s (Sea Breeze, anyone?). Back then it was a harsh, alcohol-laden slumber party-style spa skin treatment that stung like crazy, and which subsequently faded into obscurity. Thanks to cosmetic and dermatologic advancements, facial toner has made a comeback and achieved a certain sophistication with formulaic adjustments and variances to satisfy all skin types. In light of these changes, here's why facial toner is actually good for your skin, and why you should consider adding it to your regimen.

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How Often Should I Clean My Makeup Brushes?

Maybe it's just us, but even so much as the suggestion of makeup brush cleaning used to send a tingle of fear and loathing down our spines. In an age which boundless responsibility is met with a staggering time deficit, menial tasks are often begrudged and, consequently, avoided. But with all we're learning about the perils of waltzing with woebegone wands, we decided it was time to translate the loathsome aspects of makeup brush cleaning—especially frequency—to a more digestible dialogue.

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These Soaks and Scrubs Will Transform Your Tub Into a Five-Star Spa

Ever wished for the pampering and serenity of spa-like indulgence, but budget and schedule conflicts tag-teamed you into submission? Until that elusive duo realigns, treat yourself at home! These soaks and scrubs will transform your tub into a five-star spa by kicking your bathing routine up a notch, helping you to gracefully dismount the bucking bronco that was a too-long day (week, month, whatever) and saddle up for the next phase with some semblance of zen still intact.

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Beyond Beauty: 6 Survival Essentials Every Galentine Needs In Her Bag

Happy Galentine's Day, beauties! It's finally arrived: that internationally celebrated day of love and suspect chocolates. We talk a lot around this time of year about treating yourself and your besties to custom-curated beauty must-haves, and today is no exception, but we're serving it to you straight up with a twist. There's a way to feel the kind of beautiful you can't necessarily see in the mirror—the kind of beautiful that arises from feeling empowered, prepared, and like you've got a one-up on what's around the bend. If you've ever caught yourself thinking, "Where's a ___ when you need one?" or "I'd kill for a ___ right about now," consider our top 6 survival essentials every Galentine needs in her bag for rainy days and what-ifs.

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Feel the Love With These 8 Great Galentine Gift Ideas

It's that time of year again, gals. No, we're not talking about tax season! Valentine's Day is fast upon us, and rather than waiting for a shot to the heart by some too-late, cherubic archer, why not take bow and arrow into your own hands by treating your gal pals to an amorous return with zero deductions? Feel the love with these 8 great Galentine gift ideas that are sure to get you a seat at the table as both girlfie and gifter du jour.

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What About the Bob? Try One of These Takes on a Classic Bob Haircut

Photo courtesy Tori Plant

With January almost over (yikes!), Valentine's Day right around the corner (what?), and spring fast on its way (yay!), what better time than now to consider a so-fresh-so-clean statement style one-eighty as a way to ring in a new season? If you're feeling the push to pull off a new 'do, what about the bob? Look no further for new variations of a cut cult classic that's making a serious comeback in 2018: the bob haircut, versatile enough for a leap of faith without any coiffure shock.

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Why You Should Include Your Décolletage in Your Skin Care Routine

The French have a beautiful word for…well, everything. But the one we'd like to talk about is 
décolleté, which refers to the wearing of a low-necked garment. Your décolletage—the exposed part of your neck, chest, shoulders, and cleavage while donning such attire—is all too oft oublié (forgotten) when it comes to your daily beauty regimen. We'll break down in plain English why you should start including your décolletage into your skin care routine tout de suite!

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Everything You Need to Know About Getting Eyelash Extensions

There's a new craze on the rise, and it's widening eyes left and right, from Queen Bey to your BFF to your bank teller. Many salons worldwide are adding the service of semi-permanent eyelash extensions performed by in-house lash artists to their respective repertoires. If you're on the hunt for a hands-down, weeks-long, woke-up-like-this cosmetic revolution but are a skeptical first-timer, here's everything you need to know about getting eyelash extensions.

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Practical New Year's Resolutions for Inner and Outer Beauty in 2018

It's probably safe to say there exists a love/hate attitude toward New Year's resolutions. Maybe you love the idea but hate the process. Maybe you respond better to little pressure and low expectations. Maybe you thrive in pole-vaulting those bars you've set high for yourself, no matter the season. Whatever your angle, it's not too late to make practical New Year's resolutions for inner and outer beauty in 2018 that you'll actually want to stick to. We've free-associated some groundwork seedlings to grow your self-betterment over the next 12 months (and beyond).

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