Staff Picks: I ♥ My Marrakesh Oil! By Jenni H.

Pure Argan Oil
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Although beauty oils might seem to be a new 'fad', since I've been using them myself, it is my opinion that they are here to stay. 

What Is Marrakesh Oil?

Marrakesh Oil is a pure Argan oil styling oil for hair. It provides deep moisturizing shine and conditioning. It also provides thermal protection for styling, curling and straightening.

Why I Love It:

I have tried over a dozen oils and Marrakesh is my favorite because:

1. I can use it after a wash. I use it on wet hair as a detangler and blow dry serum to protect my hair from breakage and heat.

2. I can use it to perfect and polish my style. It is perfect to use on my ends to create a smooth, shiny finish to my style.

3. It is so good for your hair! The natural Hemp oil and Argan oil in Marrakesh work not only to smooth hair but also to moisturize and repair with every use.

4. It's also good for the earth! This all-natural formula is totally vegan and eco-friendly.

5. Last but not least, this company is family owned & socially responsible. Earthly Body started as a small family-owned company with a passion for natural hair care and skin care. They are now the second largest producer of Argan oil in the world. They practice eco-friendly, sustainable and responsible manufacturing and operating processes, while continuing to donate thousands of dollars annually to a number of wonderful charities. I had an opportunity to meet Kevin, the owner of Marrakesh this past summer and he is the real deal. I am a total sucker for good people who make a wonderful product. It truly warms my heart and soul.

How I Use It

I start by pumping two full pumps into the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and then run my fingers through my hair starting from the ends and working my way up to the top of my head, stopping about three inches below my roots.

When I Use It

• After a wash. I shampoo once every three days. After a wash, I use Marrakesh Oil while my hair is still damp and prior to brushing my hair to avoid breakage. I then brush my hair with the Wet Brush - best detangler combo ever!

• After I blowdry and style. I run Marrakesh Oil through the ends of my hair to help moisturize, smooth and add a shiny finish.

• Freshen up For a Night Out. At night after work prior to going out I will run a little bit through the ends again to tame any frizz and unruliness that happened throughout the day.

My Hair Type

I have naturally curly hair that reaches the middle of my back. My hair is fine in texture, however, I would say it's about average in terms of density (the amount of hair strands). Having long, fine and naturally curly hair mean that my hair needs lots of moisture, without adding a lot of weight. Marrakesh Oil works magically!

pure argan oil for hair

♥ Jenni H.
Director of Operations, Got Beauty

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   Wet Brush                    Marrakesh Hair Oil

WET BRUSH $8           MARRAKESH OIL $15.99

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