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What Do You Love About Your Own Unique Beauty?

For the month of February we focused on ways to love yourself. We asked you to share with us what you love about your own unique beauty in an essay contest and were overwhelmed with inspiring responses. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to enter. Rachelle Geary, pictured above, is the winner of this month's contest.

We love what she had to say:

"After having my son I had a really hard time figuring out who I was as a woman. As a mother. As a wife. As a daughter. As a friend. I struggled with this for a long time. Always asking what outfit to wear. What hair-do I should get. I finally found myself and through that discovery I realized that I am exactly what I want to be. I just had to start asking myself those questions and trusting the answer. I had to just be ME! I found that I love ME! I love trying different things and finding what I like. I love my hair when I decide to get all dolled up and I also love it when I wear it relaxed. I love my eyes with my newest shade of shadow or just after I shower with nothing on them. I love my new self confidence and knowing that as long as I am true to myself I am my most beautiful self!"

And just because we had such a hard time picking one single entry to highlight, here's a selection of some of our favorite entries:

"I am 53 years years old going on 35 with wrinkles earned by loving and living. I ski, fly fish, hike, bike, and travel the world. I love life and the body I am in. I have earned this face and body!"

~ Lauriel

"I love who I am because I am unique. As is everyone else on Earth. We are all each of us unique from one another, making us all beautiful in our own ways. Regardless of our size and shape, we can all find beauty in each other. As I may find big lips and almond eyes pleasing and may have small lips and round eyes myself. Another person may find small lips and round eyes attractive while they themselves have big lips and almond eyes. With that being said, I love my round green eyes, my big nose that I got from my father, my chubby cheeks, my crooked smile and of course, my birthmark on my inner thigh that has been dubbed "the potato!" I feel that beauty can be found in everything, as specially within. I am beautiful, I am unique, I am me. "

~ Lindsey

"I love that even with out makeup, I feel naturally beautiful. I work very hard to keep my skin and hair in good health. I love my freckles, blue eyes and naturally blonde hair. I also feel that I'm a loving person, which shows on the outside. I'm happy, I love life, and I have come to love the skin I'm in. It hasn't always been this way, and there have been times in my life where I really despise how I've looked on the outside. By working on myself, improving myself and being kind to my body, I've learned to love myself!"

~ Melinda

"I'm 51 years old, no additives, no preservatives. My hair is still naturally blonde and curly. I take no prescription drugs; only a daily vitamin. I have no health insurance, so I make sure my diet is healthy, and I walk a half mile each way to a job that keeps  me physically active. I have some gray hairs, and some wrinkles which I wear as a proud reminder of the joys and sorrows that living life brings to one. Naturally. This is what makes me beautiful by nature."

~ Becky

"I love the things I've grown to appreciate over time that I hated when I was younger. I have my mom's squinty eyes, my dad's Lithuanian/Russian nose, and the short, curvy body of all of my aunts. These are all things I desperately wanted to be different when I was a teenager. Now, I look at pictures of myself and can see my family and each unique feature they have given me, and I feel joy."

~ Jennifer

"Legs. A whole lotta legs! For many, having long legs would hardly seem like burden, but for me it was until I realized how it made me unique. Growing up, I was always the tallest. Taller than all of my friends, taller than the boys, and boy was I made fun of. Long legs, stilts, giraffe...the list goes on and on. I remember coming home from school and just sobbing over the amount of criticism I received. I was different. I was different than everyone else and kids felt no need to keep that quiet. For years I resented my long legs constantly reminding my parents of how unfair it was that I was so much taller than everyone else and how I didn't fit in. When I made it to high school that is when it hit me. I need to find my niche. Something I could put my energy into instead of dwelling on my insecurities. I remember trying out for the volleyball team. I was the tallest one on the court. I jumped up and smacked that volleyball to the ground - and it sure felt good. Jumping from one side of the net to the other, blocking my opponent; I found it. Found what I needed to overcome my insecurities.  From that point on, I realized what a blessing these long legs were. This is something I love, something I was proud of and good at. I quickly realized what powerful tools my legs were. Whatever I put my body through up until then held no relevance in that moment. I simply made a conscious effort to be uncritical of my body and that feeling was overwhelming, amazing, brought a new found vitality, resilience and reliability of what I can accomplish with "these legs". I vowed to be good to my body, to my legs, and start listening to my body instead of tearing it down. I dropped all judgment.  I made a commitment to my body to change the way I thought and talked about my body. I would not say one more negative word about my body and when those thoughts began to creep back into my way of thinking, I remembered that moment on the court and returned to my commitment. Now, "these legs" have afforded me so many wonderful opportunities and allowed me to accomplish so many goals. I was the recipient of a full-ride college scholarship for volleyball, I can run longer than I ever thought possible, and most of all - I know who I am and my purpose. My body is a miracle. I am filled with happiness for what I have achieved.I can now say, I have experienced the profound, uplifting ability to go about my day more connected, positive and in tune with what my body needs to preform. I honor the gift of my unique body."

~ Callie

"I have always been different from others and stood out due to my very tall height. I am 5'11'' and have been this height since I was 13. At first, it made me shy because I was so much bigger than the rest of my friends and classmates. Now, I absolutely love it! I love being tall, having long legs, and standing out from the crowd. Besides my height, I love my eyes because they are very big and blue! I believe every individual possesses their own unique beauty and the most attractive thing an individual can do is enhance their natural beauty! Sometimes it takes awhile to discover what you love most about yourself, but once you do, own it! It is uniquely yours and no one can take that from you. There is nothing more sexy than being uniquely you!"

~ Audrey

"I love that my eyes are oversized and green. They make me feel noticeable and pretty.  I love my pale skin and freckles because they make me feel gorgeous and out of the ordinary trend.  I love looking unique and changing my style.  Sometimes it just takes that spark of outer beauty to ignite my inner beauty and confidence."

~ Katherine

"After a long time of being picked on for them, they have become my absolute favorite: My curly and kinda frizzy hair, and my freckles. My dad always told me that if I didn't have my freckles it would be as if the night sky didn't have stars."

~ Ashley

"I've always been known for my freckles and smile.  I always get upset when makeup counters try to sell me base to cover up my freckles.  I've had my freckles since I was little and love every little sunkissed spot.  My freckles will always keep me feeling young :) "

~ Alison

"I love the fact that I am Unique. I know that no matter how hard I try to look like someone else I can only be me. "

~ Mckenzie

"I love my hair! Having kids might of ruined my body but made my hair more beautiful! the shine and color after having kids is wonderful! "

~ Leslie

"I love how I don't have perfect skin but it's not that bad. If I had the kind of skin where you couldn't see the pores then it'd look fake but when you can see your freckles and scarring I think it's gorgeous!!!"

~ Ana

"After giving birth to my little girl this past December, I have noticed that the pregnancy glow has remained and my husband loves the natural beauty of it all. & thanks to my husband and baby girl, I feel beautiful through and through. "

~ Anabel

"My unique beauty is my style... Clothes hair and makeup I can do anything I like and I don't care what others think ill wear a dress with Jeans and my hair in a pony tail with just mascara or ill wear tee shirt with colored jeans and cat eye eyeliner and blush and my hair long and curly doesn't matter as long as I feel good in it :) "

~ Samantha

"I have very blue eyes that stand out. "

~ Erin

"I have Gastroparesis, which means that my stomach is permanently paralyzed. I used to weigh 275, and in 1 year I am now down to 120. While the weight loss is nice, and the compliments coming from said weight loss are nice, the G-Tube that now hangs from my stomach is a constant reminder of how strong and beautiful I am now, and always have been. It's hard to wake up in the morning knowing that I've probably lost more weight (how often do you hear that?!), but I know that no matter how small I get, no matter how hard it is to fight, I am a beautiful person and the people around me love me for who and what I am. I am a fighter. I am strong. I have heart. I am ready for anything. "

~ Emily

"My dark skin and my curly hair!"

~ Louise

"I love my freckles that I got from my mom. I have bright blue eyes. I am tall. I have long legs. I have my moms looks. I think I'm beautiful in all my own ways! "

~ Hannah

"Green almond shaped eyes :) "

~ Alyx

"The "beauty mark" on my right cheek, it is how you tell my twin sister & I apart. I don't mind my smile also."

~ Crystal 

"What I love about my self is that I know I am not perfect but I feel perfect. Last summer I was hit by a bike and I now have a big scar on my leg. But I am proud of that because it shows that I am strong. My eyed are a bright blur and they look like the Caribbean ocean. My eyelashes are not so long but I like them short. I have had problems with breakage and split ends in my hair for a while now.  My friend had a little bottle of your oil and once I tried it I noticed that my split ends were going away. It would honestly mean the world to me if I won. Because my hair really needs this and I really love your product. "

~ Mikayla

"That I've lived & experienced so much of today's technology that I was able to learn what features to really appreciate in myself. I try to stay as natural as possible and refuse to under the knife for anything because of past bad experiences. With this said, I am now able to live & breathe in my own skin so my unique beauty was the journey of finding 'myself'. "

~ Jessica

"I love my lips. I was teased at a younger age about having big lips, called "fish lips". But now as an adult it's one of my favorite features about myself! I love having full lips!! "

~ Brooke

"I love love love my freckles and birthmark."

~ Alyssa

"I love my pale skin. I know that most people think that tan is the best, but I love my porcelain complexion! :) "

~ Channing

"I LOVE being a female! The fact that we, as women, have so much power that in itself is super sexy! Of my own I love my body, it's far from perfect but it's my own. I love that I have curves and fill out dresses and my bottom has that sway when I walk! My husband also finds me sexy, and that's good enough for me! "

~ Falisha

"I love my smile and my eyes! "

~ Laura

"I love that my eyes and hair match perfectly. "

~ Candace

"my eyes...... they are the coolest color! "

~ Magon

"i make myself the way i want to be. "

~ Nicole

"Currently my hair! Im 6 months pregnant so my hair is awesome....I just dont want to lose the luster after I have the baby! :) "

~ Jamie

"I have a raised, visible scar on my chin that I got when I was working in a group home for disabled adults. I ran toward the kitchen so that I could try and save one of the ladies there from burning herself and on the way I slipped and ran right into the end corner of the counter-top,  had to be taken to the hospital for stitches & have been left with the scar ever since. I used to be so embarrassed of it but my husband thinks it's cute & it also reminds me that service to others is worth a small scar. "

~ Christa

"i love my eyes and my hair and my olive complexion"

~ Anna

"I love the way my eyes crinkle when I smile."

~ Emily

"its for my Girlfriend...i love her bright colorful "girlie" style..even as a dude i really like Got Beauty..i go in there all the time...xo.."

~ Ronny

"I love my unique eyes. I have one blue eye and one brown eye."

~ Stazia

"I love the fact that I can either go completely make up free and be fine and still look good and also on some days I can glam up and put some make up on. Either way I always get so much compliments on my hair and skin from friends and family. I've been Vegan for about 3 years now and am a real animal lover. I want to make a difference in the world even thou it sounds kinda impossible but if we all unite together we can do this. I love to give out positive energy and make this world a better place for all creatures and my human fellows also. In hope of that day :) "

~ Shabnam

What do you love about your own unique self? Tell us in the comments below.

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