3 Steps to the Perfect Shave for Men


Aesthetician Michelle Kobernik discusses the perfect shave for men.

My boyfriend is a pilot so caring for his skin and particularly protecting it from the sun is pretty important. He also needs whatever he does to get ready in the morning to be quick and easy.

Here's his 3-step process to a perfect shave with a little input from me:


Always shave in the shower or immediately after one. The steam softens the skin and causes whiskers to rise, which makes them easier to get to.

Washing your face is an important part of this step. It prevents breakouts and bumps by clearing the skin of dirt and grime that would otherwise be trapped in your pores by shaving.

His favorite is Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. It’s a non-stripping face wash that’s mellow and easy on the skin. Don’t worry about exfoliation, using a harsh scrub may do more to irritate your skin than help and shaving alone provides plenty of exfoliation.


Tend Skin Air Shave Gel is really amazing stuff and I highly recommend it to all my clientele. It not only makes the shave easier but acts as an aftershave also, keeping bumps and irritation to a minimum.

Draw your razor in the same direction that stubble grows – i.e. with the grain of the hair to lift whiskers and prevent ingrown hairs. Save the neck for last giving your shave gel extra time to relax the thicker stubble. Use long, even strokes and rinse your blades frequently. Rinse, lather & repeat. Going over twice makes for the closest shave possible. The second time around, (gently) shave against the grain.


Since sun exposure accounts for 98% of the signs of aging in your skin, do not skip this step! Moisturize with a daily moisturizer that includes SPF. Be sure to apply this to exposed skin on your arms as well and reapply mid-day. He uses GlyMed Photo-Age Environmental Protection Gel.

And that’s it! Quick and easy.

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Michelle Kobernik is a Master Esthetician and resident skincare genius at Got Beauty. She has 11 years experience in the industry and specializes in solving even the most perplexing skin issues. Try any one of her brilliant facials or her signature moustache wax.

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