11 Beauty Secrets from the Pros

Wouldn't it be great to wake up in the morning to your own personal beauty expert who could tell you just what to do with that crazy frizz or wayward breakout? Well, here's the next best thing with 7 unexpected beauty secrets from our experts at Got Beauty.


Laura DeRosier

Grand Master Nail Technician, Nail Instructor & Acrylic Aficionado 

Beauty Secret: To avoid picking at zits, once it has scabbed over, I dab it with Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque. This softens it and helps it to heal up on its own.

Favorite Product: My #1 product pick is Dermalogica MultiVitamin Power Firm as an eye cream. I absolutely could NOT live with it!


Leni Brass

Stylist & Fiery Red Haircolor Guru

Beauty Secret: I like to shave my legs using conditioner. My favorite is Phyto Sesame. The conditioner provides a slip to lubricate the skin and adds moisture in the process! With mostly botanical ingredients it's really gentle on the skin as well.

Favorite Product: I am madly in love with the NYX Roll On Eye Shimmer in Salmon. It's a perfect highlight color for my fair skin and the sparkle helps hide the fine lines under my eyes.  


Shelby Perry

Professional Makeup Artist & Master Esthetician and Educator

Beauty Secret: When I want a mild inexpensive body exfoliation I will use a little bit of baking soda mixed with a little bit of water in the shower. Leaves my skin soft and my wallet happy. 

 Favorite Product: I keep the Jane Iredale Bitty Brow Kit (available in-store only at Got Beauty) in my makeup kit at all times. It's easy to travel with and take anywhere. Apply the included brow wax before the powder for thinner brows so the powder will stay all day. For thicker more unruly brows, apply the wax after applying the powder to help hold the brows in place.   


Michelle Kobernik

Master Esthetician, Waxing Wunderkind & Problem Skin Expert

Beauty Secret: When my skin is feeling inflamed I apply Dermalogica's Barrier Repair.  
It is soft and silky and calms my skin right away.  

Favorite Product: If my skin is having a breakout due to hormones I use Glymed Serious Action Skin Wash three or four days in a row, sometimes leaving it on for 3-5 minutes as a mini mask. Always does the trick.


Alisia Delany-Ferzoco

Stylist & Pixie Cut Prodigy

 Beauty Secret: If I drop and break an expensive compact I don't throw it away! Instead, I repack the makeup in the container, add a bit of rubbing alcohol and let it air dry.
Good as new.    

Favorite Product: I'm a huge fan of professional haircare products. They are formulated in a lab by a scientist to perfection for your hair's needs and worth the investment! My favorite shampoo is Hydrate from Pureology because it smells so great and makes my hair feel happy. I love Redken's Power Grip for finishing. It doubles as a dry shampoo and
volumizing agent!


Jen Kendall

Stylist & Master of the Perfect Manicure

Beauty Secret: My number one tip is for the ladies with fine hair; don't be afraid of product! I have fine hair myself so my biggest concern is products that will give me body but not weigh my hair down. My favorites are Pureology Volume Mist and White Sands Hairspray. They are both lightweight and work wonders to give you volume and lift.

Favorite Product: I always have a bottle of Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner in my shower. They are fantastic for drying winter weather, they don't weigh down my hair and they are great for color.


Amy Nihipali-Dobbs

Stylist, Haircolor Expert & L'Oreal Educator 

Beauty Secret: When my hair is staticky or my ends look sad, I love to rub two to three pumps of L'Oreal Mythic Oil (available at the Got Beauty salon) through my strands to
instantly rehydrate.  

Favorite Product: I can't live without the Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer it is
my beauty secret go-to for the illusion of perfect skin.



Sasha Booker

Stylist, Nail Technician & Shellac Superstar

Beauty Secret: I've started taking steps to prevent aging early. I really love the Age Smart line by Dermalogica. The Dynamic Skin Recovery for all over my face and the Multivitamin Power Firm for under my eyes are my favorites. Using products like these while you're young will save you time and money down the road because they prevent loss of collagen and damage to skin from free radicals before it is too late and you have to resort to more drastic options!

Favorite Product: My number one favorite beauty product ever is Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer. I love this product because it brightens under my eyes and makes visible lines vanish! With SPF 30 and peptides, it is one part of my makeup routine I can really
great about!   


Debbie Higgs

Stylist, Nail Technician and Shellac Superstar

Beauty Secret: On the days that I'm running short on time, but want a cute look I like to do a low bun. I pull my hair into a low ponytail, only pulling it halfway through. I connect the two sides of the ponytail up at the top and secure it with pins.

Favorite Product: I have naturally wavy hair so going for a straight shiny blowout has always been a challenge. Marrakesh KaHm gives me that brazilian blowout look without the chemicals.


Lindsay Hubbard

Stylist & Bumble and bumble Network Educator

Beauty Secret: Manuka Honey! I apply slightly warmed Manuka Honey to my face as a masque and leave it for about an hour before I jump in the shower and wash it off. It provides instant brightening, tons of antioxidants, soothes the skin and the honey's antibacterial properties work really well to prevent breakouts.

Favorite Product: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is my favorite to freshen my skin, exfoliate dead skin cells
and help with breakouts.


Corine Brown

Master Esthetician & Waxing Specialist

Beauty Secret:  For long, full lashes apply Li Lash eyelash serum every night to your lash line! It's so easy, safe and enhances your OWN natural lashes and gives you confidence with or without mascara!

Favorite Product: I feel like I am truly getting my "beauty sleep" at night using Dermalogica's Super Rich Repair Cream. It contains peptides that lock in your skin's natural and needed  moisture. Your skin needs extra moisture at night to allow it to renew and repair itself. It's the key to wrinkle prevention!


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