Sweet Valentine's Day Treats For Your Fella

valentines gifts for guys 

Every girl who's been given the gift of Got Beauty for Valentine's Day is familiar with the unparalleled excitement that it accompanies. Whether it be through receiving a fabulous cleanser you've always wanted to try, or a hilarious and unique book detailing how your cat just isn't that into you, you know you're in for a real treat when you see that hot pink G.

Here's what a lot of our clients don't know: guys love Got Beauty Valentine's gifts just as much as the ladies do. They may not gush about it, but having a high-quality shaving kit makes all the difference in the world to a scruff sporter, and bendable stick-on mustaches still reign supreme as the ultimate guy party favor. The next time you're in getting all your beauty essentials, take a look at our handpicked Valentine's Day Gifts for Guys. Be warned: your beau may exhibit extreme signs of Got Beauty giddiness.

He'll love:

Jack Black Jet Set Traveler 

Voluspa Clove Pomander 3 Wick Star Tin Candle

XOXO Quotable Everything Dish

The Big Quotable Book

Big Boy Toy Fund Jar

You Rock Mug


More Ideas for Your Man:

valentines gifts for guysvalentines gifts for guysvalentines gifts for guysvalentines gifts for guys

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