How To Rock Bright Orange Lipstick


Orange you glad we didn't say banana? Unexpectedly, orange has turned out to be the perfect lipstick shade for a couple of reasons.

First, it's bright and bold, but not too extreme. That means it can be worn in casual settings like the beach, or formal settings like swanky cocktail parties. Second, it somehow manages to match with every color, whether you're wearing black or bright yellow. Third, it looks killer on anyone (and when we say anyone, we mean ANYONE); Blondesbrunettesredheadslight skindark skintan skin, anyone!

In last week's blog, you met SLC's sweetheart, Miss Deena Marie, who was kind enough to lend us her pretty face to introduce the fabulous Tequila Sunrise lipstick. This week, we've asked one of our gorgeous Got Beauty girls, Kaycee, to show us how to properly sport a few of our second-to-none beauty essentials in our limited edition Tequila Sunrise POPS Box.

Check out our 2-minute video on How to Rock Orange Lips below, or read these 6 easy steps to get a positively peachy look to go with your orange lips!


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Cover your entire lid from lash line to brow line with the Pops Pressed Powder in Peach (while trying to say it ten times fast).


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Grab your POPS Soft White Fan Hi Lite Brush and Pops Pressed Powder in Peach and sweep your cheek bones with color. Smiling makes it easier to see the apple of your cheeks, which is where you want to apply the blush (happy girls are also the prettiest!).

 black eye liner
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Take the Palladio Jet Black Felt-Tip Eyeliner Pen, start at the inner corner of your eye, and sweep outward along the lash line. It's up to you how far out you want to go and how thick; some like to keep it simple and barely noticeable, while others stray towards Cleopatra-esque cat eyes!


sara happ lip scrub
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Scoop up a bit of a Sara Happ Lip Scrub of your choice with your finger and massage it onto your lips in a firm, circular motion. When you're done, grab a tissue and wipe away the lip scrub. You may notice that your lips are softer than they have ever been in your life...!


tequila sunrise lipstick
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Now for the fun (and occasionally tricky) part: the lipstick. You have a couple of options when it comes to application. You can directly apply the lipstick, you can use your finger to dab it on (just make sure you wipe it off with a tissue after!), or you can use a brush. Whichever your preference, start on the bottom lip in the center and then proceed outward in both directions. I prefer to use my finger when applying color to my upper lip, which requires much more precision. Grab a tissue if you need to wipe away any color that got outside the lip line.


peach lip setting
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Pick up your POPS Camouflage Brush and POPS Pressed Powder in Peach and apply over the Tequila Sunrise lipstick to make the color stay put all day...not to mention remain smear-free!

Voila! Perfect make-up in 6 easy steps. We highly recommend grabbing your POPS Box before they're gone for good!

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