How To Keep Sane While Traveling with Sensitive Skin

how to keep your skin happy while travelingThe perks of travel are obvious: new experiences, perspectives, relaxation, and adventure are only a few to name. One aspect that all routine-loving beauties can agree adds a little sour to the sweet is taking care of your skin amidst all the movement. There are ways to combat the disruption in your regimen, even for those super long bouts of 18+ hour travel to a part of the world you’ve never been. Here’s how to keep your skincare game strong, even in the face of the ever-changing TSA regulations.

Water water water.

The absolute most important part of surviving a day of travel is to HYDRATE. I recommend bringing an empty water bottle and filling it up at a drinking fountain so you don’t have to either (a) spend an outrageous amount on plastic water bottles, (b) hurt the environment with said bottles, or (c) ingest harmful chemicals that leak into the water from the plastic. Nope, not kidding. Now, I know what some of you may be thinking: I want to limit my bathroom trips as much as possible, because there’s not much more awkward than having to ask the person next to you to get up so you can pee 20 times during a flight. Again, it’s your skin, and you can always choose an aisle seat if you’re worried about it.

Spritz away.

While we’re on the subject of hydration, snag yourself a little bottle of hydration spray. By little, I mean under 3oz - and yes, they exist! That cabin air is brutal - filled with recycled air that is often quite dry. Give your skin a little spritz if you’re feeling like drinking water isn’t cutting it for you.

Don't forget to dab.

There is, of course, the other side of the spectrum - oily skin. The funny part about oily skin is that the more hydrated you are, the less your skin will produce oil to cool it down. If you are struggling to keep it under control, blotting papers are a lifesaver. Unexpected greasy skin can also be dabbed with a paper towel or toilet paper in the restroom (a good trick for anyone living in a humid environment).

Pack your powder.

If you are worried about touch ups, I highly recommend bringing your Jane Iredale Handi brush and compact alongside your hydration spray. Takes two seconds to touch up and get your makeup looking fresh faced again - almost as if you hadn't just gotten off a 12 hour flight.

BYOF - bring your own food.

Airport food can be expensive and nasty. It takes some extra prep, but packing your own snacks can be a life saver if you’re stressed about eating food that could cause breakouts and holes in your wallet. We'd even recommend bringing your multivitamins with you in case you can't get the nutrition you need while away. Don't forget - you are what you eat.

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Posted by Sadie Upwall

Project Manager and Editor for the best little beauty business in SLC.



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