How To Maintain Your Beauty Routine In the Dorms

Congratulations, you big-brained beauty - you're starting your first year in the dorms! An exciting, opportunistic period of your life is about to begin.

For many of you, it means straying a little bit from home to embark out into the world on your own. While it's nothing short of a thrill, there are bound to be some flopped tummies at the thought of exiting their comfort zone. For those particularly attached to their routine, take heart knowing it's still possible to keep it going - though, changes are certainly needed in order to make those habits sustainable. Here are the top tips from former college students on how to maintain your beauty routine while living in the dorms.

If you have your own in-suite bathroom, create a schedule with your roomies.

Tapping your foot waiting for the bathroom first thing in the morning is no way to start your day. While it might seem a tad over the top to have a convo at the get-go, you're saving yourself a ton of frustration trying to figure out who gets to shower first. It's also a good time to determine which of your morning habits absolutely need to be done in the bathroom and which can be done with a mirror in your room.

Get the liter size. Trust us.

Liter sizes are actually cheaper for you in the long run. You're in college now - and that means budgeting your resources AND time. Less trips to the salon means more money for food and more time for homework (or sleeping/socializing, depending on your priorities).

Consider investing in coconut oil.

The uses for coconut oil are fairly limitless: not only is it ridiculously cheap, it's actually much better for your skin than lotion containing chemicals you can't even pronounce. There's the obvious benefit of being able to cook with it if you're gifted with the luxury of a kitchen. However, its uses range from oil pulling, scalp moisturizing treatments, hair treatments, lubricant (yes...that kind of lubricant), and more. Its antifungal properties make it ideal for the external treatment of yeast infections or dry skin, and it can even help with inflammation and blood sugar regulation when consumed. Seriously, just get some.

Keep your makeup out of the bathroom.

This isn't necessarily a tip for new freshman, because everyone should know this - but keeping your makeup in the bathroom allows for the growth of nasty bacteria (yuck). It also takes up a lot of counter space, which can be inconsiderate for those you're sharing a bathroom with. Keeping it dry can help prevent breakouts, as well as prolong the life of your cosmetics.

Consider going in on certain products with a roomie.

This is a hard one, especially if you're a cosmetic junkie who likes to have your own stuff. Again, budgeting is going to likely be rearing its head at you in the coming years. Odds are, you may have a roomie who wants to use some of these products, but can't fully afford them on her own, either. Consider splitting the cost of some of your favorites and sharing them. Just make sure to thoroughly communicate about how much is being used so that things can stay fair.

ALWAYS wash your face before bed (whenever that may be).

Beauties, here's the deal: your skin matters, and it's the only skin you've got. Whether you've been out partying all night or studying in the library or spending the night somewhere other than home, you should always plan ahead to make sure you remove makeup before you go to sleep. It's as simple as bringing makeup remover wipes with you. If you're really concerned about being without makeup, bring it with you in your purse. There are really no excuses here - and if someone judges you for sticking to your routine, do you really want to be around that person?

Swap info with your new college friends.

The amazing part about living with a bunch of ladies on campus is that you get to swap tips on your own beauty routines you've implemented over the years. If college is about experimentation and self-discovery, then why shouldn't hair and skincare be included? You may end up finding tips and tricks that stick with you for life.

Last, but not least - try not to stress.

You know what they say: pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. Don't make yourself suffer over due dates, ghostings, dorm drama, and homesickness. Take it easy on yourself when you can by indulging in lots of rest (when possible), healthy food, exercise, and playtime to balance the work. Visit the local animal shelter and pet a puppy/kitten. See a concert or chick flick with your friends. Call your parents or friends back home. Always pay attention to what brings you joy and remember to incorporate it into all the change.

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