How To Manage Fine, Frizzy Hair (And Why It's Happening)


Frizz is an equal opportunist offender - that is, pretty much no one is 100% immune given the right set of circumstances. Hair is porous, and just like a sponge it will swell with excess water and will shrivel and crunch when too dry. When battling such stressors, it's always best to aim for the perfect PH and damage balance, so that you can attain the style you want without all the pesky frizzles.
What IS frizz, anyway?

Frizz is when water settles into the hair follicle and causes it to expand, which can result from products, environmental damage, or even because of your hair type. Think of the hair like the roof of a house: the cuticle is covered in "shingles", and sometimes, water will get under the shingles to enter the core. If too much water gets underneath the shingles, it will raise and bend them. Voila - we have frizz. 

Why does it happen to fine hair?

While frizz occurs to all hair types for different reasons, fine hair is simply more sensitive and fragile than others. It's too thin to handle even basic damage like heat, mineral water, and sun, making it even more susceptible to frizz than more coarse-haired beauties.

How do I manage it?

Blow dry after showering.

Your frizz management routine should start as soon as you get out of the shower. You'll want to blow dry until 80% dry, then continue with a boar bristle round brush for the other 20%. Heat presses the cuticle closed, which is why blow drying is a pertinent part of the process. A round brush will even out how much heat exposure all the hair gets.

Use the right heat protectant.

While it may seem counter intuitive, fine-haired beauties will want to use an alcohol-based heat protectant, like Redken's Align 12 Protective Smoothing Lotion, rather than a cream or oil-based one. Volume can be a major struggle for fine hair, and it generally doesn't need as much moisture as thick, coarse hair.

The more anti-humidity properties, the better.

You'll want to use anti-humidity spray even if you live in a dry climate, as it will smooth the hair down to close the follicle, which in turn keeps out humidity and extra dryness. It's essentially a finish coat like the kind for your nails, except for your tresses. A few of our faves: Oribe's Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray, ColorProof HumidityRx Anti-Frizz Weatherproof Spray,  and R+Co Foil all will protect your hair from frizzies, even when exposed to environmental rufflers like cotton pillows and staticky climates. 

Be gentle.

Fine hair takes heat and damage much more harshly than other hair types, so treat your hair well to protect its integrity. Color-treated fine hair is going to have frizz innately and doesn't have density to protect itself, so try to avoid as much chemical and heat damage as possible. Deep conditioning treatments are going to be your best friend if you're bleaching on the regular.

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Posted by Sadie Upwall

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