How To Recover From Vacation-ized Skin


The point of a vacation is to find refuge from the abrasion of day to day living - so why is it that the very remedy we seek often distributes its own set of trouble? For those of us with delicate skin-sibilities, that trouble often pertains to adjusting to foreign climates when we're away from our own. The truth is that sometimes, your skin will freak out while you're abroad, even if you're freakishly prepared. The good news is that comebacks are many and aplenty if you've got the right arsenal - here's how to recover from vacationized skin.

Get back into your routine.

You know you've had a good vacation when you're ready to go back to your day to day routine. Even if you're not, routines are pertinent to one's well-being, especially when you've got particular needs in the skincare realm. Make it a priority to take an extra five to fifteen minutes for your gorgeous self - it's worth it, and you deserve it.

Try to avoid makeup for a few days.

Even if your makeup is the most responsible, environmentally-friendly, sensitive-skin-friendly, organic brand on the market, it's still going to make it difficult for your skin to breathe.

Eat, sleep, and be well.

Feeling removed from home for a short amount of time can be beneficial for new starts. With all your newfound energy, it's the perfect time to start going to bed earlier, making time for the gym, and cooking healthy foods that will make your body happy. Try to think of your body like a car: if you take care of it and give it the high quality ingredients to keep it in tip top shape, it will run longer and more smoothly than if its neglected.


Think about it: travelers often come into contact with a nasty amount of bacteria and environmental aggressors while on planes, trains, and automobiles. While over-exfoliating can be harmful to sensitive skin, sloughing off anything excess and over-saturated once in a while can be quite beneficial. Just be gentle with yourself!

Use a detoxifying or soothing masque.

If you've got sensitive skin, masques can be a supertreat, especially if they've got soothing properties. If you're prone to purging and breakouts, regulate masque usage to once or twice per week to give your skin's natural barrier time to repair.


Your mind and your body are connected, and stress can easily contribute to an activated nervous system. This can easily lead to higher cortisol levels (the stress hormone), which can wreak havoc to your whole body if occurring regularly. Stop reading this and take a deep five second breath in, hold it for five seconds, exhale for five, wait for five, and repeat. Don't think about anything but your breath. Remember that you can handle this, and that you can still find peace even amidst a nasty breakout. It doesn't have to define your life.

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Posted by Sadie Upwall

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