How To Support Your Skin In Your 30s


Congratulations - you've made it through your 20s! Hopefully, your quarter-life crisis is behind you and you've learned from all the messy obstacles this decade can offer.

But what now? What new obstacles are coming? If you're one of the individuals starting to notice little bodily changes accumulate as a result of this new era, don't be afraid - literally everyone who has lived to this age has been through it, and you are not alone.

The best way to prevent stress over change is to inform yourself so that you are as prepared as possible. Yes, change can be scary - but a lot of change is treatable or manageable if you can take care of it before things get hairy (no different than a brow wax). Odds are that you've already started making adjustments and changes based on things you've learned about your body, such as a cowlick or if you've struggled with acne. Managing new health tidbits is no different. And remember - getting to grow old is a privilege, and one that should be treasured; a lot of people are not afforded that.

Start from the inside out

Your skin is your body's largest organ, so in some ways, it will reflect what's going on inside of you. There is a ton of natural support and love that can come to you through a healthy diet. While there is a somewhat of a topsy turvy theme when it comes to "healthy diets", there are a few foundations you can build your eating habits on:

  • fresh, colorful, organic fruits and vegetables
  • minimizing your intake of processed food. Processed food is anything that requires more than one step in order to prepare and sell. If there are additives, preservatives, or packaging processes involved, you probably don't wanna put it in your mouth.
  • cut out sugar. I know I know I know, but have you seen how many health problems it causes? They call it "the other white powder" for a reason. To top that off, it increases signs of aging and adult onset acne. Do it for your pretty face, beauties.
  • try cooking at home more often with coconut, olive, and avocado oil more often. These healthy fats are great for your skin health (and yes, healthy fat is something you definitely want).
  • drink TONS of water
  • if your diet allows for it, bone broth is incredible for collagen production and general body repair
  • incorporating either salmon or sardines into a healthy salad once per week will give your body a ton of omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin B12 supply fresh (giving you energy and strong bones)
  • meditate! Calming your mind will calm your body, and therefore reduce the hormones that create stress and wreak havoc to your sweet skin.

Move it

Stress is a terrific way to expedite the aging process (not to mention create a hot bed of other health problems). Next to meditating, the very best thing you can do to immediately handle stress is to burn it off through exercise. Even going for a 30 minute walk can do the trick, if you're not up for anything strenuous at the gym. There are tons of fun ways to burn calories, and if you can teach your brain to associate exercise with pleasure, even better. If you're willing to go the extra mile (see what I did there?), here's the latest on the best workout to prevent aging, according to science.

Top it off

Now for the topical care portion of our lesson:
  • Retinols - Turns out one of the best topicals for your skin is is the same one that addresses acne - retinol! It's formulated with tons of Vitamin A, with benefits ranging from skin damage prevention, skin cell regeneration, collagen production, pore minimization, and blemish targeting.
  • Sunscreen - Don't even think about finishing your morning routine before adding sun protection into the mix. Your 30s are the time when any previously accumulated skin damage starts to become more prominent, so you don't want to make it worse by cooking in the sunshine. That being said, sitting in the sun for 15 minutes every day can give you all the Vitamin D you need. Therefore, like most elements - moderation is key.
  • Antioxident serums - My how the skin doth love antioxidants. Oxidative stress can pose itself to be a fairly large issue, especially if you live in a big city where you're regularly exposed to pollutants. Anything with CoQ10 or vitamins A, C, and E are the products you'll want to look for.
  • Neck cream - Assuming you haven't been already, you'll want to incorporate a product for your gorgeous neck. In fact, this should be heard by ALL beauties, not just those found in the grace of 3.
  • Eye serum - The most delicate part of your face deserves a little delicate care, as it's one of the first places you're likely to start seeing wrinkles.

If you're really feeling the gravity of it all...

Have you heard of Microneedling? It's a relatively new technique accidentally discovered by a tattoo artist to treat fine lines, acne scars, and overall skin appearance. Not only does it reduce any noticeable skin marks, but it actually increases collagen production. It's a terrific option for anyone looking to improve the texture of their skin, as it's very safe and non-invasive without requiring any long term upkeep. Consider talking to a beauty pro to see if this is something that would be compatible with your skin.

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