How To Treat Acne During Quaran-time

how to treat acne in quarantine

You know what makes being stuck at home even more cringe-worthy? A new breakout on top of all your million other problems you're currently dealing with.

We know, beauty - we feel you.

Here's the good news: our current predicament offers a few unique opportunities for your skin. These new incorporations plus some tried-and-true approaches will get your skin back to happy and glowy in no time.

First of all - relax!

Know that your skin is lovely the way it is, and that you do not need to be fixed. Acne happens to almost everyone at some point in their lives, and it does not determine your beauty or worth. Stressing over fixing it will likely cause inflammation, so relax! You got this. Plus, it's highly likely no one will notice at this point in time - so why worry?

Give your skin a break.

If you're in a position where you don't feel comfortable leaving the house without makeup, now you don't have to. So many times, our skin can become congested from everything we are loading onto it, aggravating what's lying beneath the surface. Give your skin a chance to breathe! 

Take care of your immune system.

Partaking in immunity-boosting habits will benefit your skin as well as your overall health. For instance, zinc is well known in the dermatology community for aiding in the treatment of acne vulgaris. Other supplements, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin C are also crucial for preventing, shortening, and alleviating diverse infections - including bacterial infections that would lead to acne scarring. Win-win!

Get all the fresh air and sunshine you can.

Before being stuck at home, it's possible we never went outside while at work because of habit or lack of opportunity. Now, more people are appreciating the outdoors than ever: a study found that 30 minutes of midday sun exposure was equivalent to consuming 10,000–20,000 IU of vitamin D (which has immense antimicrobial properties!). On top of that, getting fresh air through a brisk walk kills acne-causing bacteria by damaging and destroying the membrane of the infected cell, clearing up your skin naturally.

Indulge in yummy masques on the regular.

Your skin may be in a bit of a detox period once you remove all the day to day toxins you were previously exposed to. To help speed the process along, nourishing with extra moisture, vitamins, and nutrients will be like a drink of water for your skin. A few favorites are the soothing and tingly Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque or the natural Farmhouse Fresh Pumpkin Puree Mud Mask. If you want to try something from home, a Manuka Honey mask has immense antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Keep a clean environment.

Since you're spending so much more time at home, you need to make sure that you're keeping your living space as happy and hygienic as possible. This means clean sheets, wiped-down surfaces, dust and dander-free environments, anything that is going to keep your skin happy.

Wash your hair and face regularly.

Being stuck at home does not mean neglecting your hygiene. It's absolutely necessary to keep washing your hair and skin as you normally would to prevent bacteria from being near and around your face. Doing so can also aid in the prevent of onset illness, as certain pathogens can linger in your hair and clothes (hint hint).

Heal your gut.

Our entire bodies, skin and immune system alike, are heavily linked to our guts. In fact, when it's out of whack, it can cause all sorts of health problems ranging from eczema to allergies to acne to gum issues to mood swings. Since you will never have a better time to try, see if you can wean yourself off gluten, sugar, and processed foods for a few weeks to give your digestive system a rest. You may go through a mini detox period - but once you're on the other side, your skin will reflect your beautiful new health.

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Posted by Sadie Upwall

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