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About two years ago, I decided to take the dive and do an icy silver pixie cut. I loved it, truly. But I am constantly trying to change up my style, and unfortunately with hair, its not so easy to bounce back and forth from 12 inches of long locks, to 2" messy spikes and a completely shaved undercut. (unless you've got some extra cash flow for hair extensions). With my recent move to Salt Lake City 6 months ago, I decided it was time to finally commit to growing my hair back. I would endure the awkward mullet, the baby 1" point tail, half of my head being uneven due to the undercut, the whole journey of growing a pixie, in my opinion, was NOT glamorous. Not to mention the breakage I had from damage that was preventing strength in my hair follicles. Cue my saviors: Sugarbear Hair Vitamins and Olaplex.


Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 3.36.25 PM

This is my pixie at its shortest, circa summer 2016 (cute, but high maintenance).

I'm not even kidding, these products are SO worth the hype. I've been struggling with hair growth and texture for months now, and these are the only things that have come to my rescue and made the process of growing my damaged hair back a little less painful. Within 1 month, I saw results. My hair is stronger, shinier, and thicker.


 Here are my Sugarbear growth results in my first month, both air dried hair, same day wash with my natural texture and wave.


SugarBearHair vitamins are wheat free, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, beef free, pork free, egg free, fish free and peanut free! Made in an allergen-free facility. Not to mentions they taste DELICIOUS. It was hard to eat only two-a-day. These bears are loaded with vitamins, with as much vitamin A as 4 cups of broccoli, as much vitamin C as 1 cup of cranberries and as much vitamin B12 as 4 organic eggs. My eyelashes, brows and fingernails had rapid growth as well! 

In addition to taking 2 Sugarbear vitamins a day, I also deep conditioned with Olaplex about twice a week. After my shampoo, I would squeeze the excess water from my hair, and leave a generous amount of Olaplex in my hair for 10 minutes minimum. Next I would rinse and condition as usual. Unlike most deep conditioners that only gloss over the damaged parts to make hair appear more smooth, Olaplex is a bond builder that actually improves the structural integrity of your strands. This makes for less breakage, allowing hair to grow longer and stronger! My hair would be unmanageable frizzy and dry from lightening it so much, it would be hard to even get a brush through it. Olaplex completely changed that, I was able to brush effortlessly out of the shower, and it would air-dry effortlessly smooth without loosing my natural waves. 

As much of a skeptic as I am about trends, These two items WORK for hair growth and repair. I am 100% planning on continuing my hair growth journey with these two, and I will update you all with further progress! Until then, stay strong (and long) my friends. XO!



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