Meet The Got Beauty Artists Behind The Sugar House Art Walk

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It takes all types to make the beauty-verse go round. Perhaps not surprisingly, artists of all sorts are oftentimes the ones running the show behind the scenes. After all, appreciating beauty is what art is all about, right? Elated for a chance to collaborate at the upcoming Sugarhouse Art Walk, we jumped at the opportunity to chat with our Got Beauty family and see what creative greatness they get up to on their off hours.

Steve Creson

Steve is our Beauty Guy of 12 years, our handy-work hero and an artist of many mediums. By day, you might catch Steve at the Sugarhouse shop keeping things functioning properly and looking beautiful. When he’s not remodeling or fixing-up, he’s likely creating stunning filmwork, photography, paintings, collages, and first and foremost, written word.

steve creson

GB (Got Beauty): 
Did you grow up practicing a particular art form?

SC (Steve Creson): I didn’t grow up with any art influence. There were no books in our house. I just had this desire that literally banged around in my gut until starting to write and read poetry. I was thirty by then and I was happy to be rid of the pain. I’ve tried about everything since then and every experience has become a part of the whole and contributes to what I’m doing today.

GB: Your art comes in so many mediums. Are they self taught?

SC: I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology studying printing, book arts, typography and design. At the same time, I am self-taught. I learn better by picking up a tool and learning to use it.

GB: Who are your favorite current artists?

SC: I really like the work of John Baldessari. He’s one of the early Appropriation Artists who mixed photography with painting and like Robert Rauschenberg made exemplary use of blank space. Both used found objects and were always exploring and progressing, or better, changing through time. Never dull.

GB: Do you have any advice for budding artists?

SC: Take your ideas as far as they will let you, have that dialogue with the work, and don’t edit out the tension.

steve cresonsteve creson

Siri Place

Got Beauty Girl of 7 years, garden and interior curator, and the reason the Got Beauty shop and office landscape always look impeccable. A self proclaimed maximalist, Siri brings beauty to
all that she touches. From collages, to installation and gardening, you name it and she up for the challenge of curating it; and she does so more beautifully than you could have ever imagined.

siri place

GB: Who are your favorite current artists?

SP: I am really inspired by topiary artist James Todman. He is, in my opinion, one of the best in
the business. I am also a huge fan of flow acrylic artist Mitch Gobel. He’s incredible. One of my other favorite artist is also from Australia, his name is John Bokor - his eye for color is just so good. 

GB: Out of all of your mediums, do you have a favorite?

SP: Gardening is definitely my favorite medium. It really inspires me and helps give purpose and meaning to my life. I love caring for plants and watching them grow and thrive. Gardens give hope for the future. 

GB: It seems like you have such a great support system here in Sugarhouse. What do you love about Sugarhouse? What keeps you working here and thriving?

SP: I feel very fortunate to have such a great support system here. I stated my gardening business 8 years ago, and have worked hard to get to where I am now. I really love the sense of community in SugarHouse. It feels like a small town in a big city. 

GB: On that note - do you have any advice for budding artists? In general, and also, particularly about networking?

SP: Be yourself, believe in your ability to create. Authenticity is key. Do what you love and work hard every day at it. Consistency is key. Building a good reputation is important, I always want to be honest and give the best quality of work to my clients. Those things have helped me with networking.

siri placesiri place

Kendra Montoya

Got Beauty Girl of 5 years, hand-spun yarn curator, our go-to creative for displays, and inventory perfectionist - she’s the girl who makes sure your favorite beauty items are in-stock (Prince merch in particular) and that your online orders are packaged with love. 

kendra montoya

GB: Who are your current favorite artists?

KM: I have been really interested in the online spinning community, so I mostly have found a great community of other artists who inspire me on Instagram! My top two favorite spinners/fibre artists are Sarah Luraschi-Weiss and Abbi from Goliath Frog Crafts.

GB: Did you grow up practicing a certain art form?

KM: I have always been very creative, when I was a kid I was always drawing, reading, sewing, cooking
for my family, and crocheting. I’ve always loved creating things with my hands.

GB: How did you get into working with handspun yarn?

My grandma! I remember her teaching me to crochet when I was really young and it just stuck. After that initial lesson I just became obsessed with creating things with yarn. I felt that once I had become a pretty advanced crocheter that I wanted to learn something new that was still in the same spectrum of fibre arts. It took some trial and error and Youtube research, but spinning was not too hard to catch onto! 

GB: Lastly, do you have any advice for working with hands-on yarn?

KM: Handspun yarn is not as delicate as it may seem! But I think just integrating it into your arsenal of store bought yarn is a great place to start, use it as you would any other yarn! And avoid hot water! Felted yarn is no fun!

kendra montoyakendra montoyakendra montoya

Bee McCoy

Bee is our Got Beauty girl of 2 years, acrylic and glitter master, and beauty expert. Bee mastered her branding and visual design skills during her years working with luxury department stores. and has brought her skillset to Got Beauty. The Sugarhouse shop is the shining emporium that it is because of Bee. Specializing in acrylic work, her art is available here!

bee mccoy
Who are your favorite current artists?

BM: As boring and generic as it is, my favorite artist forever is Van Gogh. The way he saw life and the things he experienced has always felt like something that shows through in his work to me, even today. For such a sad individual to make such beautiful, and at this point historical works of art, speaks a lot to me.

GB: Did you grow up practicing a certain art form?

BM: I grew up always drawing and painting but didn’t really get super serious with it until around two years ago. Before, I made a lot of crystal jewelry for around 5 years, so I’m always looking for new ways to incorporate some sort of art into my life! I was born in Salt Lake City and raised here, as well!

GB: You work through such a unique medium - are your skills self taught?

BM: All of my skills are self taught! Painting, drawing, makeup, all of it has been learned simply from doing and wanting to do better than I had before and always having room to learn. Willingness to improve is always very important.

GB: Do you have any advice for budding artists?

BM: Always, always practice! Always share your work. Don’t be afraid of constructive criticism, but also don’t ever be afraid to say “no, I like it better this way!” Your art is YOUR art.

bee mccoybee mccoy


Thank you to our Got Beauty family for all that you do to make Got Beauty beautiful, happy and interesting. 

Catch the Got Beauty team members at our next Art Walk, held August 13th hosted by Got Beauty and Upwall Design from 5-9 at 1940 S 1100 E, Salt Lake City.

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