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It's week three in our Month of Momshells, and we've chosen to highlight the all-around alluring, admired, and adored Lindsay. As a former Got Beauty Girl, Lindsay has a special place in our heart; we were able to see firsthand her remarkable ability to beautify everything she touches, as well as witness the unadulterated joy she spreads to those around her. She frequently documents her days and the loves in her life by taking stunning photos and writing beautiful blog entires filled to the brim with magnificent detail. Her calm and pure grace has a way of making even the worst situation feel completely safe and comfortable, and it shows in the way she interacts with her 11 month old son, Wesley. Her gentle manner and sweet disposition give you the impression that she's a princess at Disneyland, and you can't help but gawk at how wonderful and loving she is with little Wes.  It's vividly clear that she was meant to be a Momshell, and we are excited to have the opportunity to learn more about her.     

What's your favorite way to spend time with Wesley?
Being outside! We went pretty stir crazy this winter stuck inside, so we are loving the sunshine lately. I have a huge desire to get him outside everyday so he can explore his world while getting in some vitamin D.

What is your favorite hobby?
I have a lot of hobbies and interests, but I would say photography is the one thing I can do every day and never get bored of. 

Tell me a little about your passion for photography, and how you got into it.
As long as I remember, I have always loved taking photos to capture moments and memories. When I was eleven, I went to Hawaii and took tons of pictures on my throw away camera to scrapbook. I started scrapbooking all of my photos after that and have loved it since. From people to scenery to flowers- all of it tells a story. I like looking back at photos and being able to remember certain feelings I had through the details in the photo. Documenting it in a photo book, on my blog or social media has always been a fun thing for me, as well.

How did you and your husband meet?
Darren and I were neighbors in the townhouses we lived in for about 5 months before we met one evening (actually four years ago this last Tuesday!). He moved the next day across the country, so we started our relationship through skyping and phone calls. After he returned a few months later, we dated and were married the next year. 

As a Got Beauty alumni, you're very acquainted with all of our products. Can you recommend your top 3 favorites?
Definitely, Lip Drink from Jane Iredale, any Voluspa candle and Sherani Protein Mascara! I will never use another mascara again. 

What is your all time favorite recipe? 
Quinoa Fried Rice.. so yummy!
You're very environmentally friendly and all around "green". In what ways do you incorporate "living green" into being a mom? so many ways! It's hard to think of "how" because it has become a lifestyle. I feel like it all started with having Wes naturally, with no medication. I educated myself a lot when I was pregnant and it has kind of flowed into the way I raise him. We use cloth diapers and organic shampoos and lotions. We don't let him watch TV and are really conscious about what he eats. I prefer wooden toys over plastic. I know that a lot of people think it's way too intense or like I am better because I do these things, and that's okay. But it's simply what I feel is right for him and I'll never back down from that. I definitely am still learning so many new things that benefit us as a family and look forward to making even more changes for a healthier lifestyle. 

What is your favorite memory while working at Got Beauty?
Having worked there for two and a half years, I have a list of memories and moments I will always cherish. But mostly, I miss the friendships I made with my co-workers and the customers. I was so anxious to have Wes, that I didn't realize until after I left that the Got Beauty girls were my closest friends. We laughed so much and there was always an overall good feeling in the store. We all really cared for each other. And then there were the customers, so many of whom I got to know and love. They were genuinely excited for this next chapter in my life and I wish I could see them all again.  

What are your favorite makeup products?
I've really simplified my beauty regimen since I had Wes. Most days I go bare-faced with clean, moisturized skin. But for those fancy nights, my go-to's are Jane Iredale Pressed Powder, Jane Iredale Handi Brush (this is a must for everyone), Jane Iredale Honey Blush and Palladio Liquid Eyeliner

Who is your hero?
My mama. Now that I have a child, I think often about my mom and how she was able to birth and raise nine children. I look up to her even more now that I see how challenging motherhood can be at times.
How do you structure your day as a full-time mom? 
I haven't ever been too good at being structured, but recently I have had to change that for nap time so I could give him some consistency. Other than that though, we just do whatever! In the morning we usually go on a walk after breakfast. After his first nap we hang out in the sunshine or go to the park. After his second nap, Darren comes home and we eat and go on a walk or some adventure. I've always felt the importance of going at his pace and making sure I am not carting him around all day running errands. Each day is new and we just do things according to his mood and what he's into at the moment!  
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Ireland, definitely!

What is your favorite part about being a mom?
A few things. Being able to give and receive so much unconditional and genuine love, being a part of something bigger than myself and learning about all of the little details of life again, through his eyes.  

Name one item on your bucket list.
I have always wanted to learn how to dance. I don't have any rhythm or grace and so wish I did!

What is your idea of a fun date night? 
Just being with Darren is fun. Going out to eat and talking is special for me.

And finally, do you have any tips for moms-to-be?
Listen to and trust yourself, when you're pregnant, and even the very first day as a new mom. There are going to be a lot of opinions and advice, wanted and unwanted, but in the end always do what you feel is best. The instinct is there! Learn what it is and never ignore it.

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