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[mom-shel] noun

a mother who surpasses expectations and standards of any or all of the following: poise, fierce loyalty, kindness, creativity, a hardcore work ethic, complete dedication to family, beauty, feminine badassery, unparalleled attention to detail, the ability to calm and comfort in any situation, but most of all, more love in her heart than you can measure. she is a perfect example of what a woman should be, and she constantly inspires all who cross her path.

For our first Momshell of the year, we could think of no better choice than the staggeringly stunning Stephanie. Everything about her is overflowing with passion and beauty, from her glorious mane of curls to her love for her three beautiful children. She carries herself in conversation with a rare combination of sass, kindness and honesty, making her both a total riot and a most loyal friend (we think being French has something to do with it). Between being a  school teacher, beautician, bride-to-be, AND single mommy, she usually has her hands full, but you would never know it - she makes it seem absolutely effortless, and all the while looks like a total rockstar. Whether you're a mom looking for parenting tips or a gal rocking the crazy curls, we think you'll find her words most insightful and inspiring.
First things first...what's your favorite color?
Red. Next!

What is beauty to you?
There is nothing more beautiful to me than an independent woman.

What is your spirit animal?
  The cheetah.

What is your favorite way to spend time with your ducks?

I love to dance with them. All the time.  

Tell us one of your favorite skin products.
I use the Pre de Provence soap and body balm regularly, they're some of my favorites.

What is your favorite shampoo and conditioner?
I love the Redken Extreme line, it's my absolute favorite. I liked the entire Bioalge line for the longest time, because it all smells so amazing. Another brand that I love is Kava, simply because it provides a lot of moisture without creating a lot of buildup. 

Who is your celebrity crush?

Bruce Lee.

What are a few of your favorite styling products?
I use the Mudd from Kava quite often, for when I braid and when I want to make sure I don't have any flyaways. I like the D:fi d:struct creme, I like to use the Aerogel from Tri. I like to put oil on my hair, it's a necessary tool, if I don't my hair just breaks a lot. I use the Marrakesh Oil from Earthly Body, I use the oil a lot, I'm trying the Endz Leave In Conditioner and it's really great. 

What do you use specifically for defining curls?

I have natural curls, so I don't necessarily need to enhance them as much as other people; I just know how to take care of my curls without using too much product. If I have to use product, If I do use products, I specifically like the Redken Curvaceous products.

What is your dream vacation?
Hiking near a volcano in Hawaii.

What products do you use when straightening your hair?
I use the Total Results Sleek Iron Smoother, which is really great for protecting my hair. I also like the Earthly Body Marrakesh products, because its primary ingredient is Argan Oil, which is an iron protector (I always put that in first). As far as straightening tools go, I use the Hot Tools Flat Irons

What would you recommend as a step-by-step styling process for someone who has similar hair to yours?
First, I make sure to use a protein conditioner and a mask in the shower (the Earthly Body Miracle Masque is great). Once I'm out of the shower, I ALWAYS apply oil (again, the Marrakesh Oil), because I will need it regardless of how I'm styling my hair. I then put it in a tight bun and let it dry. After that, my hair becomes much more manageable. I can either leave it as is for a look with lots of volume, or If I decide to straighten my hair or use any other heating tools, it takes right away. you have any tips for Moms-to-be?
Hold on to your heart, because it's about to break.

Starting Friday, April 11 and ending on Thursday, May 8, we are inviting everyone to nominate a Momshell. It could be someone you know or it could be you. Don’t be shy; if you’re a Momshell own it! We will post our favorite answers here at Talk Beauty and choose one lucky Momshell to win a $500 Spa and Gift Basket, which includes a Got Beauty spa day for two.

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