Need A Pedi? Here's How To Make Your Feet Baby Soft At Home

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Have you ever noticed that you seem to need more pedicures in the summer than the winter? Like your nails just can’t stay polished to save your life? The truth is that your feet are exposed to all sorts of elements when wearing sandals or any open-toed shoe - resulting in chipped polish that less-than-smooth feel and appearance we all feel so bothered by. Plus there’s all that outdoor activity to factor in!

But knowing the cause doesn’t necessarily help the problem in this case - after all, you can’t just stop enjoying all of summer’s wonderful perks to protect from needed pedicures. In fact, there is one magical product that if paired with the right regimen can keep you from the salon for months.

Invest in a regular at-home foot peel treatment.

We’ve all attempted to spruce up our feeties with a pumice stone or exfoliating brush, only to find that the gruff texture doesn’t seem to reach satisfaction levels. The trick is one simple product is one that has certainly earned its name: Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel. Their scientific formula contains 16 types of natural extracts that help exfoliate and moisturize your feet, removing all that nasty dead skin cell buildup to leave your skin soft and undamaged. They seriously look as if you just left the salon.

Bring home your favorite nail polish for touch ups.

That cringe moment when you chip just one single nail after just getting home from a pedi…there’s nothing worse. It never hurts to pick out a few of your favorite polishes to make sure that you’re covered (literally) if your pedi starts to look worse for wear a little too soon.

Give yourself a foot massage (or better yet, get someone to do it for you).

Your skin will always thank you for a luscious nutritious treat - indulge in a delicious lotion for yourself, and stimulate blood flow by treating yourself to a luxurious foot massage. That’s one part of getting a pedicure that you might have the most trouble replicating at home (seriously, those nail technicians with magic hands deserve a 2000% tip).

Don’t soak your feet in hot water.

Even though it’s cozy and inviting, hot water can seriously dehydrate your feet and crack them out like crazy. If you can, try to stick to warm or cold water, and try to avoid hot tubs.

Do an overnight treatment.

If you reeeeeeally want soft feet, to the point where you’re willing to brave sleeping with your feet covered in cream and plastic baggies, you are a highly dedicated person and we applaud you. After all, people do it for their hands - why not their feet? Petroleum jelly, coconut oil, or the Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze are all super safe, healthy, and moisturizing options. Just be careful getting out of bed in the morning so you don’t slip!

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