We're Not 'Kitten'...Here Are The 9 Best Gifts For Cat Lovers


If dogs are man's best friend, you might say that makes cats humankind's capricious roommate. Even with tens of thousands of years of domestication under their furry belts, felines and their fancies remain in large part mysterious, as do humans in the cat-loving camp. Statistically speaking, cat people tend to be intelligent, witty, and a little complex, so we've put together a breakdown of our nine best gifts for cat lovers to make your holiday load a little lighter.


Cat Fan Card

Kick things off with a greeting that gets right to the point in the punniest of ways. "To a cat fan" bubble lettering headlines a semi-gloss image of a fluffy kitten perched atop an elegant...well, fan. It's a Cat Fan!


International Cats Thank You Card Set

If one greeting card just isn't enough to mark your territory, let loose with a whole litter of linguistically cosmopolitan kitties. This set of 16 thank-you notes allows the sender an array of ways to express gratitude in four languages.



Thanks For Scooping My Poop Hand Sanitizer

The singular harsh reality of being a cat person is that those unmentionables don't scoop themselves, but your personal hygiene needn't suffer as a result of upkeep. Place this Blue Q hand sanitizer in close proximity to the outbox for purification in a pinch (sorry).


Cat Bowtie

When you trade a quiet night of designer catnip and binge-birdwatching for entertaining a houseful of dinner guests, this highfalutin accessory can be worn to elevate any ensemble, be it long hair, short hair, striped or calico. Tophat and monocle not included.


Dashboard Cat Buddha

With Cat Buddha as your vehicular Zen master, the open road is your fish tank. Robed, springy Cat Buddha gets a welcome giggle out of passengers and is a great reminder to keep your paws at 10 and 2.



Screenplays About My Cat Journal

It doesn't have to involve a hot tin roof to be noteworthy. With your favorite mouse-catcher as muse, let your creativity flow like water from a glass that's been knocked off a nightstand and into this 120-page Frantic Meerkatâ„¢ faux vintage journal for playwrights, poets and aspiring producers alike.


Twin Pins: High Five Cats

 Put 'em up! This pairing of enamel pitter-patter cat pins will beautifully adorn any lapel, backpack, or hat brim, delighting both the wearer and the onlooker. Wear together or share with a cat-loving friend!


All Black Cats Are Not Alike

Since cat people tend to have a sophisticated sense of humor, they require some cat-themed reading material that will offset their generally noir repertoire. All Black Cats Are Not Alike explores the curricula vitae of 50 all-black cats (ABCs), from their deepest insecurities to their peak triumphs, in rousingly wry prose alongside life-drawn portraiture.


Cat Astronaut Purse

Fly meow to the moon and let meow play among the stars. This aerospace accessory is perfect for stowing yarn balls and cat treats, and looking stylish doing it, as you embark on any adventure, earthly or intergalactic.


Feline Just Fine Tiny Cat Paws

Creepy or cute? No matter! These tiny, felt cat paws with pads are a great way to entertain both adults, children, yourself, and maybe even your cat, for hours. Great for gags, gatherings, and general gaiety.


Talk With Your Cat Gum

Chew the fat with your favorite feline by elevating your line of communication. Ever the weisenheimer, Blue Q promises such revelations between you as shared recipes, stock tips, your wildest dreams and deepest fears when you pop a piece of Instantly Talk With Your Cat fruit-flavored chewing gum.


Humans Are My Side Bitch Dish Towel

Revel in your domesticity by filling your space with items that both serve a function and pay homage to the feline fancier you are. Ever the weisenheimer, Blue Q brings you this retro-styled dish towel bearing kitties in classically playful poses with the sentiment, "Humans are my side bitch. Solitude is my main bitch."

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