The 2018 Best of Beauty Awards

 best beauty products of 2018As 2018 comes to an end, thoughts of our most and least favorites drift through our heads in a steady reflection of the past 12 months. When it comes to beauty products, the memories are many and at the same time so subtle; after all, it's easy to forget your favorite hairspray behind that AMAZING hairdo you had at your best friend's wedding, or the mascara you wear each day that makes your eyes really pop. There were a few that stood out to us that we felt were worthy of a mention - especially since some folks are in need of a recommendation or two. In our humble opinion, here are the best beauty products from 2018 that made the cut (and what we think will be sticking around for a while).

Best Leave-In Conditioner: Enjoy Conditioning Spray

"It's super hydrating, and the keratin helps to strengthen my hair. Not to mention it helps with split ends and breakage!"


Best Anti-Aging Moisturizer: Dermalogica Age Smart Super Rich Repair

Holy F, I LOVE this moisturizer!! It's heavy, but in this dry climate, I can never really get enough moisture. It keeps my skin feeling healthy, soft, and firm, while protecting it from further environmental damage or aging."


Best Shampoo For Blonde Hair: Kava Sea Lights Shampoo

"The Sea Lights Shampoo makes my hair a brighter, whiter blonde, and ensures that it looks good in-between color treatments."


Best Mascara: Blinc Mascara

"Regular mascara always runs, or sticks to my lashes when washing my face, or irritates my eyes. Blinc is different, as the mascara creates tubes around your lashes that stay on all day, yet are easily removed with water when you wash your face. It maintains the health of my lashes while making them look long and luscious. I'm pretty much hooked for life."


Best Detangler: Marrakesh Leave-In Treatment + Detangler

"It makes hair soft, smooth, and smell nice without being too heavy. It helps with my frizzies!"


Best Daily Shampoo and Conditioner: Redken All Soft Smart Shampoo and Conditioner

"It makes my hair so soft! And the best part is that it can be used as a mask, as well, if your hair needs a little pick-me-up."


Best Overnight Skin Treatment: GlamGlow DreamDuo Overnight Transforming Treatment

"It's plumping, so when you wake up, your face is very plump in a good way. It smells really good and is really hydrating, but not too heavy. It makes your face baby soft."


Best Treatment For Colored Hair: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Keratin Intensive Treatment

"This stuff makes my hair feel like silk! It's especially good for after bleaching when it feels like straw due to all the protein."


Best Detangler: Oribe Run Through Detangling Primer

"It is such a great leave-in for fine hair! It doesn't leave a residue and I feel like it makes my hair a lot more manageable."


Best Conditioner For Preserving Bright Colors: R+Co Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner

"As someone who dyes their hair bright colors fairly regularly, I really love this cleansing conditioner. It cleans hair really well without stripping color, smells good, and is lightweight enough that it doesn't weigh it down."


Best Body Lotion: Eminence Cinnamon Paprika Body Lotion

"OMG! This stuff heats up your skin and makes you feel super warm, which helps with cellulite and moisture. It also makes me feel healthy because it increases blood flow to the skin."


best beauty products of 2018

Posted by Sadie Upwall

Project Manager and Editor for the best little beauty business in SLC.



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