The Coffee Mug Lover's Gift Guide

IT'S HERE (well, almost)! The holidays are right around the corner, and as we all know, the Early Bird always gets the goodies. To keep the gift of giving fun and easy, we are kickstarting our annual series of gift guides a little bit early for you! For the first gift guide of the season, allow us to introduce the largest, most eclectic collection of mugs in all the land.

Mugs are highly underrated gifts for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are endless options of what to put in your mug: hot chocolate, coffee, tea, soup, SpaghettiOs, ice cream, chili, you name it. Secondly, everybody loves a gift that will keep their hands a smidgen warmer during the cold winter months. Thirdly, they are a gift that keeps on giving; every time your BFF takes a sip from that hilarious Dalai Llama mug you got her, she'll think of you and your astounding gift-giving skills. Below, we've assembled categories of mug shots (see what we did there?) to match all personalities and all walks of life. Take a may even find one for youself.   


Bookworm-Friendly Mugs

Mug, mug, wherefore art thou, Mug...?

I "Heart" Mugs

Who do you heart?

Superheroes and Starships Mugs

It's a bird, it's a's a mug!


Mugs That Make You LOL

Try to restrain yourself from laughing and sipping; nobody likes coffee through the nose.

Mugs To Go With Favorite Hobbies

Except rock climbing. We don't recommend that.

Mugs That Use Their Words

No more need be said.



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