Top 11 Quirky Gifts for Introverts

gifts for introverts

We live in a complex time when tools like social media both connect and isolate us in equal measure, and in which so much of our societal behavior directly conflicts the quiet solitude in which the non-extroverted among us take refuge. But our collective understanding of the Quiet Revolution, as Forbes calls it, is changing at a rapid clip to accommodate the uprising of introverted voices, asking only to be understood and allowed. Statistically speaking, either you are one or you know one, and with the holiday season fast approaching, we saw the importance of compiling our best breakdown of the top 11 quirky gifts for introverts to guide you in telling your favorite loner, "Hey. I get it."

helloimantisocialsoap.jpgHello. I'm Antisocial Soap

This soap speaks volumes. Though it probably won't be seen outside your Introvert's bathtub soap dish, everyone loves a petite bar of soap, right? Especially one with a cute little hedgehog on the wrapping politely proclaiming its most profound insecurity, and another, smaller hedgehog on the back rolled into an introverted ball of defense.

odditiesmagnet.jpgOddities Magnet

The Frantic Meerkat & Mincing Mockingbird have this uncanny ability to encapsulate the most cringe-worthy moments of the mundane into aesthetic and eloquent blurbs—from being carried away in a riptide of cheese to embarking on drunken waffle binges, they excel at transforming teetering on the edge of insanity into an art. "Her oddities were endless" in vintage typewriter font alongside a ruby-lipped Victorian nymph salutes the success of the Introvert in embracing her quirks and looking fancy doing it.

What to Talk About

With stirring hypotheticals that'll get anyone saying, "Oh, don't even get me started," What to Talk About is a 75-card set with over 200 conversational prompts you can ponder on your own or practice with a partner. The key here is realizing that you don't have to be the one doing all the talking—just know the right questions to ask and the rest will take care of itself!

What Not to Say

Part of the Introvert's struggle is striking a balance conversationally. At times when awkward silences are perceived, it is often the Introvert's self-appointed duty to fill the space with words, which may result in uttering something regrettable. Enter What Not to Say. While geared more toward those with an ill-achieved overabundance of confidence, the principles for propriety do translate.

humanbeingsbreathspray.jpgInstantly Get Along With Other Human Beings Breath Spray

The best thing about this breath spray from Blue Q is the packaging—the devil, as they say, is in the details. If you are able to determine that your Introvert has a wicked sense of humor with a side of self-deprecation, this is the type-rich, rebel-rousing, side-splitting solution to cracking that nut. Breath spray totally aside, its packaging with an ironic spike cuff bracelet cameo, gag prize cut-out, and such endorsements as "It's like you're on ecstasy!" it's hard not to fall under Blue Q's unapologetically uncouth spell.

ihateeveryonetoo_ovenmitt.jpgI Hate Everyone Too Oven Mitt

The sentiment is a tad prickly, but hey, so is working with a hot appliance. Here we see again that Blue Q is the sultan of snark, so it's no surprise their kitchen implements would take the cake in this department. An innocent enough scene in retro illustrative style and minimalist color palette depicts a little girl nuzzling her equine friend while two other horses (apparently unaware they're the brunt of the cynical camaraderie) flock on the opposite side of this deceptively pastoral panorama. It'll get a whinny if it doesn't get a neigh.

darlingjustfuckingownit.jpgDarling, Just Fucking Own It Bangle

As people catch onto the Introvert's hermitic ways, they will inevitably implement conversion tactics, applying pressure to go places and do things on some kind of schedule not of the Introvert's making. We know this is impractical at best, so how comforting would it be to look down at your wrist in these moments of social distress and see a reminder, in a language and tone akin to that of an Old Hollywood starlet, to just keep doing you?

Perpetual Disappointments Diary

With probing questions like, "When you chose that outfit this morning, how did you think you looked?" the Perpetual Disappointments Diary may ignite some insecurities, but we like to think of it as a realist's Little Black Book. In other words, if so much of introversion is involuntarily trading in the rose-colored glasses for a sociologic microscope, then this is a proper dumping ground for all manner of observations, inward or external.


Oh, Joy! / Oh, Crap Inner-Truth Pen

We thought you'd need a writing utensil to go with your new diary, so what better than a pen having an apparent existential crisis? The conflicting feelings that arise when faced with new (or old familiar) social situations are best defined in the alternating sentiments of this floaty pen for the modern era. While on the job it's all sunshine and roses; while relaxed its Inner-Truth is revealed.

introvertmints.jpgIntrovert Mints

Exactly what they claim to be, Introvert Mints are breath fresheners belonging only to you, Introvert. It says so right on the tin. That's right—no sharing (read: human interaction) required. While everyone else is scrambling to impress others with their fresh exhalations, you'll be enjoying the cool comfort of sweet solitude.

youaregold-1.jpgYou Are Gold Compliment Card Set

Like bold, gold, business card-sized high fives,'s set of 24 (12 of each) gilded compliments sends a message of over-understated admiration to any Introvert in need. "You're straight up magic" and "You are solid gold, baby. Solid gold" will light up any brooding face and reaffirm what they—and you—have known all along to be true.

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