Need A Pedi? Here's How To Make Your Feet Baby Soft At Home

Have you ever noticed that you seem to need more pedicures in the summer than the winter? Like your nails just can’t stay polished to save your life?

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Scared of Chemical Exfoliants? Here's Everything You Need To Know

The words "chemical exfoliant" can be a little daunting to people, and often downright scary. After all, the thought of our skin peeling off resembles a scene from a horror movie more than it does the beauty influencers on our Instagram.

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How To Remove Fake Nails At Home (And Bring Your Own Nails Back To Life)

At this point, there's no denying that we're all looking down at our digits with persistent longing for the perfect nails we're so used to.

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The Best Dry Shampoo For YOUR Specific Hair Needs

Girlfriend, we know how busy you are. We know how much time it takes to get your hair looking as good as it does.

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3 Makeup Looks To Try For Your Next Holiday Party

The season of lights and festivities tends to bring out the glamorous side of most of us - and why shouldn't it? Ain't no shame in finding a reason to celebrate your best self. Often times, we're feeling like we want to try something new to spruce up an event, yet lack the inspiration to know what that something is. For your taste-testing pleasure, we've rounded up three makeup looks to try for your next holiday party.

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Bronzer Basics for Every Skintone

EVERYONE should wear bronzer! It instantly makes you look healthy, more youthful and beautiful! Here are our golden rules for getting your best goddess glow on, without looking dirty or orange!

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6 Things you should know before you color your hair

Whether you're a seasoned colorista, or taking the color plunge for the first time, research is always important when thinking about changing your hair (so reading this blog is a step in the right direction). Here are some uber-important points to consider before you hit the salon (or the bathroom sink if you're a DIY diva).

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Hacks For Thicker Brows (So You Can Be Your Fiercest Self)


There's not much else that makes us feel instantly more bold than a fierce set of brows. Not only does it up your eye game, but it can be a whole fashion statement unto itself. On those occasions when we've perhaps over-plucked, or for those of us who are less endowed in the brow department, a decent kit could be a game changer in your daily routine. That being said, here are our top hacks for thicker brows so you can get a little confidence boost in your day (and be your fiercest self).
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Why You Should Ditch The Tanning Salon (And How To Get A Tan At Home)

It's pretty much common knowledge at this point that tanning salons present a host of problems to your skin, ranging from bacterial to cancerous. For starters, most states do not have monitoring or enforcement methods for maintaining cleanliness in tanning salons. There have even been reports of fecal matter, staph bacteria, and the herpes virus on improperly sanitized tanning beds. If that isn't scary enough, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, it's estimated that tanning beds are the cause of up to 400,000 cases of skin cancer each year. Even after one use, your chances of getting melanoma increase by 20%. Yeah, we didn't think that sounded so good, either. 

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How To Nail Harley Quinn Make Up For Halloween

Let's be honest: Halloween is arguably the best holiday in existence. It allows fully-grown adults to channel their inner five-year-old and dress up to their heart's content completely free of judgment. This year's costume that all breeds of nerds and babes alike are itching to try is none other than Harley Quinn (and who can blame them? Margot Robbie's a certified hottie). For those of you looking to be a little wild this year, here's how to nail Harley Quinn make up - and probably with items you already have at home.

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