Here’s why your restoring products aren’t repairing your hair.

Whether your hair damage has been caused by harsh chemicals, hot tools, or a dry climate, you likely have a repairing hair product or two sitting in your bathroom cabinet. If so, you’ve also likely found that there are times these repairing treatments don’t perform as they've promise to. Read on to learn why this happens and ensure that your repairing products continue to deliver the results you want.

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How To Manage Fine, Frizzy Hair (And Why It's Happening)

Frizz is an equal opportunist offender - that is, pretty much no one is 100% immune given the right set of circumstances. Hair is porous, and just like a sponge it will swell with excess water and will shrivel and crunch when too dry. When battling such stressors, it's always best to aim for the perfect PH and damage balance, so that you can attain the style you want without all the pesky frizzles.

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How I Brought My Hair Back From The Dead

Confession time: I’m a bottled blonde (big shocker, right?). With the exception of a 2 year brunette phase, I’ve been visiting the salon every 6 weeks for blonde touchups since I was 15. Even when done correctly by expert stylists, so many years of coloring your hair takes its toll on  strands and often times causes quite a bit of damage. Add hair extensions into the mix and you’re just asking for trouble.

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Why Pureology is our absolute fave for maintaining color treated hair.

Whether you're into fashion colors like hot pink or neon green, or you simply want to maintain your hair color, Pureology is your go-to. Every product that Pureology creates extends the life of hair color. Read on for inspo on how to best take care of your color treated hair with the best hair color line out there.

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Pro Tips: Fuller Hair In Four Steps

Thinning hair is more common than you'd think (and not just for the guys). The silver lining - it takes time to lose your hair. So while the clock is ticking, take a minute to find your favorite thickening products and obtain thicker, full locks sooner rather than later. Our favorite? Bumble's Thickening Line.

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How To: Salon Worthy Bumble & Bumble Conditioning Treatment From Home

Hair damage can be caused by so many factors that sometimes a visit to the salon can feel excessive. Good news—you can easily address mildly damaged hair from the comfort of your home with a conditioning mask. Adding a deep conditioning treatment means adding a few more products than you would use for your basic daily wash but will leave your hair smoother, shiner, and healthier.

Knowing what order to use each product in, and why can feel daunting. Read on for a step-by-step guide to a Bumble & Bumble deep conditioning treatment from home.

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How To Extend Time Between Hair Salon Visits

It requires a great deal of faith and fondness to entrust your whole head to another human being. And let's be honest: anybody heavily attached to their hair generally has a healthy, beautiful relationship with their hair stylist.

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How NOT To Smell Like Chlorine After Swimming

Anyone who's cared to take a dip in the deep end knows that persistent and unfavorably lingering chlorine smell.
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How To Maintain Your Beauty Routine In the Dorms

Congratulations, you big-brained beauty - you're starting your first year in the dorms! An exciting, opportunistic period of your life is about to begin.
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The Best Dry Shampoo For YOUR Specific Hair Needs

Girlfriend, we know how busy you are. We know how much time it takes to get your hair looking as good as it does.

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