7 Holiday Party Woes (And How To Navigate Them)

While they may be merry and bright, the majority of our holiday parties always seem to bring a little bit of stress into our lives. If the festivities snuck up on you this year, it's likely that the stress is going to be tenfold as you struggle to get everything prepared. We've been there - and in honor of the spirit of the season, we've whipped out a few solutions to help you get through everything in one piece. Hang in there - after all, if you don't experience at least one of the following woes, is it even really a holiday party?

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21 Gifts To Cover Your Entire Holiday Shopping List

It's officially the right time to take care of your holiday shopping. No jabs or jeers from your peers about early birding, and no acute stress from day-before scrambling. Whether you're in store at our Sugar House boutique or browsing the scourges of the interwebs for something a little fresh, we've got you covered. Take a peek at our top gifts for 2018.
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10 Holiday Hostess Gifts That Girly Girls Will Love

We’ve just had a vision of your future - it involves mistletoe, ugly sweaters, intoxicated relatives and a potentially excessive amount of pie. Sound familiar? When it comes to the holidays, we all pretty much know what to expect from our annual hooplas. The party-goer golden rule is to always provide a small token of appreciation to the person who brings us together. Here are a few of our favorite holiday hostess gifts certain to ensure unbridled enthusiasm and complete favoritism from the one with the mostest!

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Our Top 15 Favorite Dad Jokes Of All Time

Dad jokes are serious business. Okay, well, not really, but they're no easy feat, and can generally only be executed by well-practiced Dads and Dad figures alike.

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72 Valentine's Day Gifts For EVERYONE

At Got Beauty, we consider ourselves to be advocates of love. Every year when Valentine's Day rolls around, we have to wonder why the holiday is exclusive to romance and not to other types of affection. In this blogger's humble opinion, love of all shapes and sizes ought to be appreciated. After all, not everyone has a significant other, but most of us have best friends, moms, dads, kids, or even pets that deserve just as much recognition. And let's not forget the ultimate deserving V-Day recipient - you, of course!

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Stocking Stuffers Galore


Goodies and knick knacks are the sweet things that stocking stuffers are made of! Got Beauty is chockfull of merry and bright tiny treats, ranging from travel size beauty products to quirky magnets to hair accessories to sweet smelling candles of every scent. With the hundreds upon hundreds of options to choose from, customizing your loved ones' stockings should be a cinch!
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The Ultimate White Elephant Gift Guide

The art of White Elephant shopping is a delicate one - after all, you're shopping for a gift that must appeal to all party-peeps. And what about if it's a ladies only White Elephant party? Or perhaps an office party? Knowing your audience is the key component to this game, and we've assembled a guide to facilitate the gift of giving for every White Elephant shopper. All items are under $20, and are sure to be crowd pleasers no matter who ends up with your gift.

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Busy Bodies: Gifts For Girls on the Go

The holidays are officially in full swing! Which means it's time to start thinking about gifts to get your loved ones. There are always a select few who are difficult to shop for, and the girls on the go are no exception. These are the girls who have filled their lives to the brim with activity and are a whirlwind of pure excitement. The problem is, you can't seem to get them to sit still long enough to tell you what they're pining for this year (probably because they're going out and getting it for themselves). Have no fear, busy bodies can't say no to these gifts for girls on the go. We suggest sparkles...lots of sparkles.
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Gifts for the Domestic Goddess

To those of us who struggle with folding a pair of pants and order takeout 4 nights per week, domestic goddesses are baffling and beautiful creatures who should be praised and adored. Seriously, we don't know how they do it, nor how they make it look so effortless. In their honor, we're setting aside a gift guide for the domestic goddess who embellishes and brightens the lives of those around her. If all goes well, baked goods may be in your future...

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The Coffee Mug Lover's Gift Guide

IT'S HERE (well, almost)! The holidays are right around the corner, and as we all know, the Early Bird always gets the goodies. To keep the gift of giving fun and easy, we are kickstarting our annual series of gift guides a little bit early for you! For the first gift guide of the season, allow us to introduce the largest, most eclectic collection of mugs in all the land.
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