Why Photographer Cat Palmer Inspires Us To Be Brave - And Speak Up

If you’re a Salt Lake City local, you've likely heard of the activist, artist, and photographer, Cat Palmer; you might have seen her award-winning photography and mixed media art, or seen her covering pressing issues on Good Things Utah. This badass artist and activist has many platforms and she utilizes these platforms to take on crucial issues with poise, bravery, and style. We were delighted when she agreed to pop by the Got Beauty headquarters to treat us to an interview, letting us in on her mesmerizing life.

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Meet the Momshell: Tami of RubySnap

meet tami

Last week, we introduced the term "momshell" as a particularly inspiring Mama who is beautiful from the inside out. This week's bodacious and truly talented Momshell is none other than Tami Steggell of the locally grown and now world-renowned RubySnap Cookies. If you haven't had the opportunity to get yourself over to RubySnap, then you are in for a treat. This darling WWII themed shop is like walking into a 40's soda shop or an old airplane hanger and features a huge range of the most delicious cookies you've ever had the pleasure of taking a bite out of. Each one is lovingly crafted with fresh, natural (and often surprising) ingredients concocted in such a way that they could only come from the mind of someone truly dedicated to creativity, wow-factor and unbridled deliciousness.
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Deena Marie: SLC's Very Own Sweetheart

deena marie tequila sunrise
Professional actress, successful model, YouTube star, supreme bloggess…we seriously doubt that there’s much local celebrity Deena Marie can’t do; the world is her oyster! And we can’t think of a more perfect candidate to sport our brand spankin’ new Tequila Sunrise lipstick on the cover of our Spring POPS Box (set for release on March 1st). She was kind enough to entertain a few questions during last week’s photo shoot so we could get to know the real Deena. Lo and behold, her personality is as sweet, bright and bold as the lipstick itself (if not more so)! If you ask us, we would easily go as far as to call her SLC's very own sweetheart!

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