Ready To Travel Again? Make Sure To Pack These 5 Carry-On Essentials

Can we please take a moment to express a heartfelt and long-awaited "FINALLY!"? No doubt most have us have been aching for travel during what has certainly been a difficult and tumultuous year. With the increasing availability of vaccines and decreasing airfare prices, the temptation is real and opportunities many for treating yourself to a MUCH needed vacation.

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The Got Beauty a-Go-Go Top 5 Travel Essentials

Brace yourself, world, the Got Beauty girls are coming! Wanderlust has struck bad here at the GB office, and we've found ourselves reminiscing about past vacations and dreaming of new ones. After all, the world is a big beautiful place, and it's only natural that one would want to see it all! For those of you with travel plans in your future, we recommend preparing your ultimate beauty arsenal so you can enjoy novel experiences while remaining true to your own beauty habits and comfort. For this week's blog, the office girls compiled a list of our top travel essentials based on our individual vacations, from the sunny beaches of  Cancun, Mexico  to the stunning natural beauty of  Zion's National Park !
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How To Travel When You're Sensitive To Pretty Much Everything

Living in the world as an individual with sensitivities is cumbersome enough without throwing travel into the mix. Breaking established routines are practically sacrilegious to these folks, and with good reason - an entire day, week, or month can be thrown off when one strays from healthy rituals. As a frequent traveler, a complaint I often hear is that the struggle to maintain routines is more than real. While it may require a little more work than the typical jetsetter, there are travel hacks that are sure to keep you on track without feeling the pangs. After all, sensitive beauties deserve to see the world, too!

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How To Keep Sane While Traveling with Sensitive Skin

The perks of travel are obvious: new experiences, perspectives, relaxation, and adventure are only a few to name. One aspect that all routine-loving beauties can agree adds a little sour to the sweet is taking care of your skin amidst all the movement. There are ways to combat the disruption in your regimen, even for those super long bouts of 18+ hour travel to a part of the world you’ve never been. Here’s how to keep your skincare game strong, even in the face of the ever-changing TSA regulations.

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20 Beach Essentials You Don't Want To Be Without


We know many of you are gearing up for your well deserved beach vacation. But just because you're on vacation, doesn't mean your beauty routine should be! We've come up with some of our favorite vacation beauty essentials you won't want to forget!  (trust us, these aren't your typical hotel complimentary toiletries).
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How To Survive Moving From a Dry To Humid Climate


They say that moving is one of the most difficult and stressful life experiences a person can have, and with good reason - virtually all of your comforts have been left behind as you build a nest in a new place building your support system from scratch. For those of you taking the plunge into not only a new place but a new climate, as well, there may be more upcoming changes than you think. While you may have your living situation and new job figured out, we recommend doing a bit of research so you know how to help your hair survive moving from a dry to humid climate (they call it beach waves for a reason).

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Nine Tips for a Stress-Free Elopement

Congratulations! Having resolved to kick tradition to the curb, you're about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. No longer the scandalous rebellion it once was, eloping is gaining newfound appreciation in the annals of matrimony for being not only economically more practical than a conventional wedding, but super romantic, too. Couples who are considering absconding can find some of their worries leavened with these nine tips for a stress-free elopement.

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Products For Beach Waves You'll Need on Your Next Vacation

Beaches and waves go together like peanut butter and jelly - and you know we're talking about hair. The very last thing you want to think about when you're on vacation is managing a mane that's only going to be made messy by humidity and ocean spritzes (and hey, it's one of our favorite styles!). The good news for you is that there are products specifically designed to emphasize the beachy style you want and decrease the effort so that you can focus on having fun. To make your next vacation effortless and unforgettable, try one of these products for beach waves that will have everyone going, "whoa".

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Prep Your Memorial Day Beach Bod in a Week or Less

Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner, and the majority of us are on the edge of our cubicle seats in anticipation of a much deserved holiday. We've made our plans months in advance, we've requested a few extra days off work, and many are spending this week shopping for new bathing suits and proper summer kickoff attire. If your weekend destination includes both water and sunshine, there are a ton of ways to prepare your ultimate brag-worthy beach bod that only require a week (or even less!). Make sure you've checked off your prep list so you have a Memorial Day that you...well, remember!

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