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Let's face it - no human on earth is exempt from obstacles and woes in their beauty routine. It's easy to assume one might have it easier than another, but in reality, a different body just means a different way of having to do things. For some, it might be a constant struggle to manage their wild curls. For others, it may be learning how to protect their overly sensitive skin. In a world with as many unique worries as there are, seeking help for your own can be incredibly daunting. Luckily for you, there happen to be an extraordinary group of ladies with the answers you've been looking for - the Got Beauty Pros!

Because each Got Beauty Pro is equipped with her own area of expertise, we thought we'd acquaint you each of them so you know who to look for the next time you come into the store. Not from Utah? No worries - jump online at GotBeauty.com Monday thru Friday between 9 am and 5 pm MST to chat with our online beauty pro.




Expertise: If we're being honest...everything.

If we're going to be throwing around words like "beauty expert", we'd better be able to back it up...and Raquel is our living proof. This girls seriously has the answer to almost any beauty question you'd have: skincare, haircare, makeup, which brush to use, how often you should be using that deep conditioner in the back of your shower, why one product may be better for your skin type than another, etc. Rest assured you'll be getting all the answers you need with her (and most likely a good laugh, to boot). 




Expertise: Skincare, airbrush tanning and waxing

Shelby has been in the beauty industry for 7+ years now, and her skills pertaining to skincare have only expanded tenfold. As an esthetician, she's constantly committed to learning and ensuring that customers are happier leaving than when they came in. If you plan to have a skincare, waxing or airbrush tanning service done - or if you just want to try it on your own - she's your girl.



Expertise: Haircare

Madi is something of a beauty savant, as she has a tendency to remember everything she hears. This skill is particularly apparent in her ability to get to the root of any haircare question she encounters. Not sure which conditioner is right for your hair? Looking for the perfect pomade? Completely lost about even figuring out how to use dry shampoo? Madi is the pro you wanna talk to.



Expertise: Haircare extraordinaire 

Nobody warms up a room like our Brit, and we couldn't be more thrilled to be having her join our salon next month as a hair stylist. She's got a gift with prescribing exactly the right shampoo, conditioner or styling aid to all who ask, even just by looking at your 'do for a minute or two. Whether you're on the lookout for gel to try a new hair trend or just need to tame a little frizz, she's here to help.  


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Expertise: All things beauty

Kaycee is what you would call a beauty aficionado -  that is, ready and willing to help with ALL of your questions about the beauty industry. Skincare, haircare, nailcare, makeup....nothing stumps this GBG, and you're guaranteed the answers you're looking for if she's around.

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Expertise: Makeup

If you're new to makeup and aren't even sure which brush to put where, Kendra is your girl to teach you everything you need to know. She'll get you squared away with not only the best foundation for your skintone, but the best blush, lipstick, eye shadow...whatever your heart desires. 



Expertise: Curly hair and all things brow related

We don't care what kind of day you've had - Edith has a magical ability to have you laughing within minutes (and with exactly the product you need). She's no stranger to curly hair, so if you find yourself dealing with unmanageable and unruly strands, you'll definitely want to ask for her. Oh, and did we mention the things she can do with an eyebrow pencil? 





Expertise: Hair color

While she may be passionate about haircare, skincare and makeup, Annie's knowledge of hair color is unparalleled (seeing as how her hair has been every color at one point or another). She's got enough personal experience to give you the straight about what you plan to do - and that's something you want ANY time you color your hair.




Expertise: All the things (but makeup is her favorite)

Our gorgeous Jordan is matched in looks by her wide range of knowledge within the beauty industry. You could have conversations for days with this girl on any product of your choice and she's sure to know the ins and outs. Her absolute favorite lies within the makeup realm - particularly with special effects. When Halloween or Comic Con rolls around, she's the girl you want to give you the most realistic and intricately crafted face of makeup imaginable.   Pick your beauty battle - shop the You Do You sale.

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