What About the Bob? Try One of These Takes on a Classic Bob Haircut

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With January almost over (yikes!), Valentine's Day right around the corner (what?), and spring fast on its way (yay!), what better time than now to consider a so-fresh-so-clean statement style one-eighty as a way to ring in a new season? If you're feeling the push to pull off a new 'do, what about the bob? Look no further for new variations of a cut cult classic that's making a serious comeback in 2018: the bob haircut, versatile enough for a leap of faith without any coiffure shock.

From long pixies to shoulder-sweeping swaths, the variations, gradations, and customizations of the bob abound, accommodating all walks of hair life.

The Long Bob

Popularly referred to as a "Lob," the long bob is an introductory course of sorts for bobdom, facilitating a smooth transition for those rocking longer manes. Often about shoulder- to collarbone-length, the lob is famously face-framing, complements (even appearing to lengthen) the neck, and has movement for days, swinging to and fro with the greatest of ease. It's a style that appeals to any hair type and texture, and pairs well with any face shape. 

The Blunt Bob

"The blunter, the better" seems to be the guiding aesthetic principle for this dramatic take on the bob. Not only a bonus for hair health as it does away with split or distressed ends for a total reboot, strong bob architecture sends a powerful message, simultaneously drawing attention to itself and everything between and below it (that's your brains and beauty we're talking about, lovelies). Blunt ends work with a variety of lengths, not to mention alternating and asymmetrical ones.

The Banged Bob

Boyish fringe is a 2018 style bullseye: shortish, choppy, and whimsical, they best complement long pixies and shorter bobs. Longer bangs, choppy fringe and messy flyaways are low maintenance and non-severe, making them a great option for bang inductees. Block fringes can ready heavy and require a bit more styling devotion, but done correctly and with a willing candidate can turn up the drama to an easy 11.

The Curly Bob

If you're a curly girl, you're in luck: the beauty of the bob is that it's super inclusive. Kinks, coils, and ringlets create a dreamy halo to further accentuate your face and elevate your look both literally and figuratively. In fact, bigger is better this season. Curl-embracement is key. Natural, freshly-washed texture with little manipulation is a veritable blank check to a fortune of beautifully controlled chaos.

The Many-Colored Bob

Add flair to a blunt cut with a left-of-center hue. Plush pinks and muted peaches (even Fifth Element orange à la Leeloo, popularly known as "The Sci-Fi Bob") are choice nominees for madcap color for your coif. Contrastingly au naturale, we're seeing a graduation in 2018 from the icy lights of yesteryear to more classic, buttery, lived-in blondes—ideal for those seeking to enhance their lights or venture out of duskier shades. And when in doubt, think dessert: legend has it toffees, caramels, and chocolates are all sweeter (and hotter) than ever.

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Accessorizing Suggestions

Prominent fixtures on Fashion Week runways were hair accessories of all kinds, from the scarves of 60s sensibility to the scrunchies of 90s youth to the statement barrettes of right now.

  • Combs and ribbons and headbands (oh my!) are great ways to dress up a bob when you desire a dose of intrigue. Statement embellishments are back and have taken their front row seat.
  • Baby buns are diminutively darling. Not only functional in their ability to keep hair out of your face, they are a great way to understate an updo so your makeup, accessories, and outfit can sing. Kill two birds with one stone and inject a bit of slicked-back wetness to a microbun for double-header chic. 
  • Barely-there beach waves are a quick and easy way to take a bob from day to night, or vice versa. They can be achieved with the use of a straightener in haphazard, intermittent sections for a dashingly disheveled bob.
  • Play with your part. A deep side part is super svelte, a central one more serious, and an unstructured zig-zag lends dimension and intrigue.
  • Ends curled outward or inward hearken back to a soft grunge sensibility and accentuate bluntness for a look that is truly arresting.

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