What Happens To Your Hair As It Ages (And How To Show It Love)


As we age, changes in our hair can feel distressing; suddenly, your go-to hair products aren’t performing like they used to. Coarse and unruly greys are springing up like never before. You might even notice less hair density.

Adjusting to these new norms can be extremely frustrating. No need to stress though, beauty; just as there are various factors that contribute to a shift in the way our hair behaves as we age, there are also many solutions. We’re here to fill you in: here’s what happens to your hair as it ages (and how to show it love).


The color of my hair is changing.

The first characteristic of aging hair that comes to mind is often greying. Admittedly, it’s not all roses; pesky roots can drive anyone crazy. When you take the leap and do decide to commit to growing your grey in, the grow-out stage can be demanding. That being said, a well-toned head of silver hair is stunning. A toning purple shampoo is an easy way to ensure that your tresses remain a lovely silver tone (think Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada). You can attain that lovely silver tone without any yellow by using a purple shampoo.


My hair is becoming more coarse.

Grey can often also mean a new, unruly texture that those with fine hair are not used to. If you’re finding that your once medium-textured hair is feeling more unruly as the greys come in, try a smoothing mask once a week. A good hair mask will give you the moisture that your hair craves without weighing your hair down. Pro tip: be sure to use clarifying shampoo every now and then before your mask, so that your hair is truly able to absorb the nutrients.


My hair is becoming more limp.

Not all aging hair ends up more coarse. Oftentimes, as we age, we find that the volume and luster that our hair once had just isn’t there anymore. Start by addressing the cuticle, or outermost layer, of your hair. As we age, we begin to lose more melanin, which actually reduces the thickness of the cuticle. An all-too-frequently overlooked step that should be taken after each and every wash is to apply a prep spray. Not only will it strengthen the cuticle, but it will protect hair from heat, increase your hair’s elasticity, and soothe the scalp. Always pay attention to the health of your scalp. This should be number one priority when addressing aging hair.


My hair is becoming more dull.

There are a few reasons hair can feel more dull as we age. Firstly, think of all of the damage that has been done to your hair over the years. Wind, heat, UV rays- that damage doesn’t fix itself. However, It’s never too late to prevent future damage. Heat protectants and regular haircut appointments are key.


My scalp feels different.

The most common issue of scalp health happens to be an easily addressed one. Buildup of product and pollution wreaks havoc on any head of hair, particularly aging hair, and can prevent hair from growing in like it used to. It gets even more complicated from here: Did you know, the follicles on our scalp actually shrink as we get older? Over time, this prevents hairs from being able to grow from the scalp.

Just as we use clarifying shampoo to deep cleanse our hair, we should also deep cleanse our scalps. A cleansing scalp treatment will stimulate your scalp, creating blood flow, which encourages new hair growth. It also removes dead skin cells and pore clogging debris, and keeps your scalp feeling squeaky clean. Be sure to treat your scalp to a relaxing scalp massage to really get the blood flow going.


My hair just isn't what it used to be.

We feel you, beauty - just know that it happens to everyone, and your hair is just a new type of beautiful. You can manage the aging hair issues that you have control over by using the right products for you, treat your scalp to an exfoliating detox to allow blood flow and circulation, and maintain a healthy diet and stress level. Lastly, keep realistic expectations. Be kind to yourself, your body, and hair that comes with it, age and all.

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