Why Photographer Cat Palmer Inspires Us To Be Brave - And Speak Up

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If you’re a Salt Lake City local, you've likely heard of the activist, artist, and photographer, Cat Palmer; you might have seen her award-winning photography and mixed media art, or seen her covering pressing issues on Good Things Utah. This badass artist and activist has many platforms and she utilizes these platforms to take on crucial issues with poise, bravery, and style. We were delighted when she agreed to pop by the Got Beauty headquarters to treat us to an interview, letting us in on her mesmerizing life.

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From a young age, the born and raised Californian has deliberately and consistently placed herself in various settings and cities to capture the magnificence in the world, as well as the true social divides through her artwork. Through incredible photography, mixed media, and 2D art, Cat finds a way to incorporate beauty into important topics society at large faces. Her artwork is not only visually stunning. It’s raw. It’s authentic. It’s beautiful. Cat’s work tells a true story - her story and others’. 

cat palmer artist photography

These days, based out of Utah, Cat works to shed light on urgent social issues that the state faces. Using her Good Things Utah platform, Cat opens a dialogue for Utahns to speak and to learn about topics ranging from environmental issues that the state desperately needs to face, to gender and nonbinary individual’s equality, and more. 

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Cat Palmer and Got Beauty owner, Tammy Taylor

Got Beauty (GB): We’ve loved the work you've done on Good Things Utah - what was a favorite part of your experience working on the show?

Cat Palmer (CP): It’s been an approachable and comfortable medium for a new audience to learn, teach and grow. I've covered parenting topics including the importance of using nonbinary pronouns, setting boundaries, and introducing activism from a young age. 

GB: From corporate shoots to maternity & boudoir, the genres in your portfolio are so vast. Do you have a favorite genre for photography? 

CP: Animal shoots - is it okay to say that I sometimes like animals better than humans? A close second favorite genre is maternity.

cat palmer photography

GB: You’ve got an extensive accolade of local awards. Is there one that you hold close to your heart?

CP: The 'Fabby award' from Q Salt Lake, and Best in Show award from the Utah Arts Festival. The Best In Show award from Utah Arts Festival was a series covering domestic abuse - we shot out at the Salt Flats.

GB: Who is your current favorite artist?

CP: Swoon - a critically acclaimed Brooklyn-based street artist who has made quite a name for herself in the male-dominated street art world. Jimmi Toro is another of my favorites. 

GB: Finally, what is your advice for budding artists?

CP: Keep being prolific. Keep creating even when you hate it, even when you’re in slumps, even when people don’t love it - and not everyone will love your work. Don’t create work for everyone to love. People can tell if you don’t love it and are not passionate about it.

The biggest takeaway from working with Cat
: her eagerness to shed light on other artists. Showing us more work of others’ than her own, it’s clear that she genuinely wants to spread the love and celebration for other artists in our community - truly a local who supports locals. And isn’t that what keeps Sugarhouse shining? Thank you, Cat, for all that you do for our community and the beauty you give to the world. 

Catch Cat at our next Art Walk, held August 13th hosted by Got Beauty and Upwall Design from 6-9 at 1940 S 1100 E, Salt Lake City. In the meantime, check out CatPalmer.com, and be sure to stay tuned for our next artist highlight!

Graphic that reads CatPalmer.com. Cat Palmer Photography website.

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