Why You Should Sanitize Your Eyeliner Pencils (And How To Do It)


We've all heard the cautionary tales urging us to sanitize our makeup tools, and for good reason - our bodies are super sensitive. The last thing we need are health issues as a result of using unclean implements. Here's what you may not have heard - eyeliner pencils are no exception, and are often overlooked, and never cleaned at all. Using and sharing unsanitized makeup pencils, especially in such close proximity to your eyes, puts you at risk for infection, viruses, and even break outs!  We're going to assume nobody is jonesing for pink eye, and throw a few tips your way to keep pencils in top form and totally safe to use near your eyes. Depending on how often you use your eyeliner pencils, we recommend sanitizing at least once per week (some sources say you should sanitize after EVERY use). As for us, we have no qualms with erring on the side of being clean freaks.

1. Sharpen sharpen sharpen. For pencils only, you can always sanitize quickly by sharpening them with a clean eyeliner pencil sharpener, as it sheds away all the part of the pencil that contains the bacteria. If you're going to be using a sharpener regularly, we suggest wiping it down with rubbing alcohol once every week to keep it in tip top shape.

2. Invest in some sanitizer mist. Using sanitizer mist is another super easy and quick way to clean the surface of your eyeliners. All you need is a quick spritz onto the pencil, or the brush of your gel eyeliner (prior to redipping is best). The great thing about this little guy is that you can use it to sanitize multiple implements, such as makeup brushes, eyelash curlers, tweezers, you name it! Always make sure the pencil is dry before getting it anywhere near your eyes.

3. If there is no sanitizer mist to be found... If you're in a hurry and need to clean your pencils ASAP, an effective alternative is to use 70% rubbing alcohol. Moisten a tissue with the rubbing alcohol and completely wipe the surface of your pencil, or gel eyeliner brush. Again, always make sure the rubbing alcohol has completely dried before using.


Posted by Sadie Upwall

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